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26 Jun :: Streetart Summit 6, Slovakia

[Stanicia (Station) hosted a Stencil Nation book presentation almost two years ago in Zilina, and a huge crowd came out from all over the country! After presenting in the gallery to about 60 people, Pod and I DJ/VJ'd some and then spent the rest of the night in the bar. Woke up the next morning to commuter trains and commuters drinking their coffee. Always worth making a trip to visit these good people. - Russell]

Tak ako prichádza leto, prichádza opäť akcia STREETART SUMMIT číslo 6. (
Dňa 26. júna 2010 sa od 11.00h do 20.00h bude konať už po šiesty krát streetart a graffiti jam. Aj tento krát sa to cele premelie pri kultúrnom centre Stanica Žilina-Zárečie za podpory primátora Mesta Žilina (, pod záštitou Stanice Žilina-Záriečie ( a Ateliéru 314 (
Maľovať sa bude na legálnej ploche za Stanicou, v prípade zlého počasia v podchode pod rondlom. (Samozrejme za podmienok udržania čistoty v danom priestore a neporušenia okolitých budov žiadnou deštruktívnou formou).

17 Jun: STF: Acte I scène III (ESP)

More info HERE


17 Jun: Awesome Number One Big Fan Group Show (SF)

14 Jun: Mixed Messages, DirtyPilot

DirtyPilot presents “Mixed Messages” features work from artists Ben Frost, PaperMonster, Justin Lovato, JoKA, and Michael Owen. This group show brings together some of the most unique art styles and techniques. Ben Frost known throughout the world for his manipulation, juxtaposition, of pop imagery. Stencil artists PaperMonster combines stencil and collage techniques to create striking portraits of women. Justin Lovato creates new world with his detailed line work full of characters and imagination. Michael Owen takes on rugged texture, shapes, and figures combined with wonderful use of color to create chaotic and stunning pieces of art. Finally, JoKa brings an unique new way to paint using thousands of small dots through using toothpicks as opposed to a brush resulting in vivid layered images. Mixed Messages brings together art that makes your eyes question what you are seeing, how it was made, and what each artist’s true message is.

15 Jun: Jinks Kunst Stencil, Jakarta

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 6:00pm
Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 6:00pm
NORTH ART SPACE Jakarta 15/06/10 au 08/07/10
Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7 14430 Jakarta

5 June :: Bomb It viewing/panel (Wash. DC)

(Washington DC) ULTRA invites to watch films with him at The Fridge, 516 8th St. SE (rear alley, 2 blocks from Eastern Market Metro) on June 5th. Come explore the street art/ graffiti phenomenon with three underground films that try to capture this growing medium. The showing will be followed by a discussion panel on art in public spaces. DC's new graffiti paint store, Pintura Fresca, will be giving away a free can of Montana 94 spraypaint to the first 20 guests.

1:00pm VIDEOGRAF 10 (2010)
The return of the Godfather of graffiti videos. The VideoGraf crew is back with all-new content featuring ACET (NJ), EASE (Miami), JESUS SAVES (NYC), SIEK FLYID (NYC), OBSERVE (Miami), INDIE (NYC), SKET (CT) and LEIA (NYC)with never-before-seen interviews with LEE and PJAY and much more.

DC's piecing crew's fame grew beyond the boundaries of the nation's capitol. This doc follows DEMON, SIME, REI 21 and MEGA as they came into nationwide recognition and all the pitfalls along the way

5:00pm BOMB IT (2008)
This movie travels the world and meets international artists CLAW, CORNBREAD, DAIM, Ron English, Shepherd Fairey, Blek Le Rat, REVS and many, many more. The debate over public art and public space is introduced in a thought-provoking way.

6:45pm Discussion Panel
Featuring Nick Smith (director of Chocolate City Burning) and DECOY (queen of DC wheatpaste) and other surprise guests.

10 June :: Logan Hicks Paris Exhibit

Galerie Itinerrance
7bis, rue René Goscinny - 75013 Paris
M° Bibliothèque F.Mitterrand
du mercredi au samedi de 14h à 19h

Opening June 10th, from 6pm
Supported by Malibu

Solo show June 10 - July 3

29 May : Jenks aux BELLES CHAISES à Nantes (FR)


SAMEDI 29 MAI 2010 à partir de 14h
sous les nefs des machines - île de Nantes

Pour la 6e édition, Les Belles Chaises changent de cap et s’installent sous les Nefs des Machines de l’Ile. Le voyage, le nomadisme et la déambulation seront donc au cœur de cette nouvelle édition : Les Belles Chaises se font la malle ! Le projet des Belles Chaises laisse toujours la part belle aux pratiques amateurs mais valorise cette année l’aspect éducatif et pédagogique de la manifestation. Le questionnement autour des pratiques amateurs se recentre donc sur l’éducation artistique
ainsi que sur ces enjeux.
Autour de la thématique du voyage, les chaises se font supports de son interprétation et de son exposition. Autour de lui gravite un imaginaire qui lui est propre (malle, valise, baluchon...) et qui pourra venir s’apposer à la traditionnelle chaise.
Depuis 2004, Les Belles chaises, initiées par l’École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nantes Métropole, interrogent les pratiques amateurs et leur monstration dans l’espace public. Des chaises installées sous les Nefs de l’île de Nantes seront les cimaises des œuvres installées par les artistes amateurs : peinture, sculpture, modelage, broderie, graff, installations, photographie, métal... Chacun y trouvera sa place ! Avec plusieurs centaines d’exposants et des milliers de visiteurs, les Nefs
deviennent un espace d’exposition non commerciale, de rencontres, d’échanges et de fête.

Avec 1000 exposants et 25 000 visiteurs, les Nefs deviennent un espace d’exposition, de rencontres, d’échanges et de fête.

Dossier de Presse

5 Jun :: Upfest (Bristol, UK)

The Urban Paint Festival is back!

Upfest'10 - 5th and 6th of June 2010

Tobacco Factory, North St / Raleigh Rd, Bristol, UK

31 May : Underpass Street Gallery (IT)

Il Progetto “UNDERPASS_Street Gallery in Chiatona” è un evento espositivo a cielo aperto e un concorso di arte contemporanea aperto a tutti gli artisti italiani operanti nel variegato mondo della Street Art: un universo ricco e contraddittorio di forme e linguaggi dinamici espressi da media sempre diversi – murales e tags, stencil e posters, stickers e pins – ma anche dall’affascinante mondo della multimedialità, con video ed il mondo di internet.

“UNDERPASS_Street Gallery in Chiatona”, organizzato dall’associazione culturale OpificioCreativo”, in collaborazione con le associazioni culturali “Il posto delle Frangole” e “Acari”, sarà curato da Amelia Liana Lasaponara e Angelo Raffaele Villani.

Il Progetto metterà in luce uno spaccato analitico-ricognitivo sulle diversità di espressione e tecniche del fenomeno attualissimo e dilagante della Street Art.


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