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New Logan Hicks (Videos)

I added a new batch of Videos to YouTube and my blog Over the past year, I have been video taping various events, but I have neglected to upload them the internet. Doesn't do much good if you
don't get a chance to see them, so I finally got off of my ass and uploaded these mother suckers. This is my first crack at video editing, so enjoy the fumblings of a novice video jockey.
Here are the videos and the URLs:

Logan Hicks installing art at BLVD

Logan Hicks in South Africa

copy-shop trash meditation yields fruit

A Simple heads up: The wrapping used for many types of paper is coated on one side with a thin sheet of plastic which makes it usefull for transferring prints to cloth via ironing. good dirty-cheap method that yields a crisp-clean print on a t-shirt. plus 'cause it's ironed on you can use floaters if you care to.



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