Save Tire Beach in SF!

From the Stencil Archive inbox:

Thought you might know some folks who would be interested to know about this weekend's planned whitewashing of graffiti at tire beach, aka toxic beach or "warm water cove." If people aren't familiar with the area, it's the park at the east end 24th at the bay. The walls adjacent to the park are covered with great graffiti--a testament to the area's long history as as a space for free, unrestricted public art. A few city sponsored groups are soliciting volunteers to "reclaim" the park from "graffiti vandals" who they say have targeted the park. This saturday the 4th, between 9am and noon, they plan to whitewash over the graffiti as part of efforts to make the area cleaner and safer. Safer for development, and for the inevitable mission bay-ing of the dogpatch, I guess.

This is a terrible idea. Tire beach is one of the most beautiful spots in the city, as-is, and one of sf's last bastions of unsterilized, unrestricted space. If you agree, let them know. You can reply to the posting here or stop by the event and tell them yourself.

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested...