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Klutch On the Walls, Portland, OR: May 19

Klutch dropped an em saying he'll have a new show opening this weekend in Portland.

Mr. Russell H (yers truly) may be in attendance (if he can get away from the EcoCarny gig for a spell)......

May 19

PORTLAND,OR 97227-1116

hope to see ya there!

May 15 Archive Updates: Now w/6,700 Calories

mmm, a meal-sized stencil treat for your negative-spaced tummy:

LNS from LA sent a batch for a new artist archive.

enough in Ireland sent over some photos for his/her new archive in the European Artists archive.

Lauren sent some pics from Ann Arbor, gratefully updating Michigan's meager archive.

Here are some fun photos from around Northern California.

More stencil goodness from my recent wanderings in London.

A few single submissions, one from Basque, and another piece from DRL in LA.

Happy Eatz!!!

Stencil Festival in Melbourne, AU 11-20 May

The 2007 Stencil Festival season will be launched with the Melbourne Stencil Festival, which will be held from 11 - 20 May at the newly founded J-Studios Artist Community in 100 Barkly St., North Fitzroy (enter via Dean St.)

Stencil Festival is an annual celebration and exhibition of street and stencil artwork. It provides opportunities for young and emerging artists to create, exhibit and distribute artworks while featuring and promoting established street and stencil artists.

This year's festival includes live painting, stencil master classes, documentary screenings, and t-shirt printing workshops. Come see street art from a range of international communities including Brazil, Japan, US, France and others.


Banksy Was Here: New Yorker Article

Dept. of Popular Culture
Banksy Was Here
The invisible man of graffiti art.
by Lauren Collins May 14, 2007

May 3 Archive Additions

Ah yeah! Another batch of stencil flicks from around the world.........

Janet BikeGirl has started an new batch of amazing bicycle stencils (please ask before you grab one and cut it).

DK up in Nor Cal dropped off another mess of photos for us all to enjoy.

Another batch from Portland's Tiago.

Finally finished uploading the dozens of photos I took in NYC last year!

San Francisco just had a large march protesting the ICE raids on the immigrant population in the USA. Had my camera, and took these photos of the protest signs in the May Day march.

More photos uploaded from the recent trip to Israel.

FunkyRedDog.com sent over a batch of photos from Brighton, UK for us all appreciate.

Single submissions from Germany, a comic book cover, and from the Basque Country.

There you go until next time.....

Russell H

KiM Trinity Show: Cancelled

Fresh Update from KiM:

Trinity show got cancelled....

Please go to Capital Hill Art Center

* Capital Hill Arts Center *

Stellner Gallery
1621 12th Ave
Seattle, WA
Opening Party
May 3rd
6-8:30 pm
on display thru May

Adam5100 Spark Segment Online

Just wanted to let you know that we are now streaming the video segment for Adam5100's story.


Scott Williams Art Featured in "Strange Culture" Doc

Just caught the documentary, Strange Culture, and was happy to see a whole scene filmed in the San Francisco Art Institute's 2005 Scott Williams exhibit. I the credits to see if they mentioned him, and, sure enough, his name flashed on the screen.

Amazing to see his pieces so large and vibrant in the dark Castro Theater.

For those of you who have never heard of the Critical Art Ensemble, and the tragedy that befell two of it's members, go here. The battle of art against big brother continues, and Strange Culture finally gives voice to the scary situation here in the US.

Update from Logan Hicks

In this Newsletter:
- Hello New York
- XLarge show - May 17th
- XLarge Merchandise
- BlackRatPress print release
- Bear and Bird show - Ft Lauderdale - June 15th
- Baby on the way

Janet Bike Girl in NYC Bike Month Show

May 1 to May 30
Part of NYC Bike Month-Why I Ride NYC

Lower Eastside Girls Club gallery/cafe
56 E. 1st St.
May 3, 2007
5:00 - 8:00 pm


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