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You Can Now Find (de)Appropriation Project on Stencil Archive

I just went through the San Francisco Poster and Valencia St. archives and keyworded/renamed all the images I could find that show stencils from the (de)Appropriation Project's wall. A simple search in the Stencil Archives for "dap" or "deappropriation project" or "art wall" will give you over 50 images I have taken of the dap wall near 24th st. All future additions to this site will have these keywords as well.

Albus Cavus Calls for Art

Winter is a dormant season for Albus Cavus. However, we already have a few interesting events planned for Spring 2008. Stay tuned for further details and meantime please respond to our new calls for art:

Raritan River Art Walk - New Brunswick, NJ
Send us sketches for the 2008 season! More info is here:
and info for the artists:



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