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Thanks so much - Russell

Tiago's Portland Bike Piece (Photos)

This is a link
for some pictures of me painting a wall for bikeportland.org office.
The photographer, Jonathan Maus, will post more pictures next week,
whenever he brings his wide-angle lens so he can fit the whole image in
one picture.

This is the biggest image I've ever done, and it's all stencil.

Pure Evil's Upcoming Shows

Pure Evil Solo Show 2 , 108 Leonard St , Shoreditch , London. October
11-15 a cynical attempt to tie in with this weeks FRIEZE art fair

and upcoming shows :

Pure Evil Solo Show 3 , FakeSpace gallery, Beijing, China. 17 November to 16th December

Pure Evil Show , LUCY* gallery, Antwerp, Belgium. 20 December to 12 January

KiM McCarthy Show Opening Oct. 20 in Seattle

Saturday, October 20 from 3pm to 6pm
Bherd Studios
315 NW 85th St Seattle, WA 98117-3122

presents New Works By Soule.

A private artist reception will follow from 6pm to 9pm.

Her art will be in our our studio through November 6th.

Show runs the month of October.

Chris Bettig Update

2. take a look at things that are happening currently and coming up in the future at the Mountain Label blog!
This is the news site which will keep you up to date on what's going on over here. Both site will be updated regularly, the site with finished
projects and the blog with everything else, group show news, new projects as they are happening etc.

3. the Mountain Label design studio is now my full time job! Yes, some may know and some may not, but after an almost 7 year stint designing and

Justseeds.org Relaunched

We're excited to announce the official relaunching of Justseeds.org!!

Thanks to all who supported this effort.

Justseeds/Visual Resistance Artists' Cooperative is a community of
artists who have banded together to collaborate and sell their work.
Our website is not just a place to shop, but also a destination to find
out about current events in radical art and culture. Our blog covers
political printmaking, socially engaged street art, and culture related
to social movements.

Vinyl Killers 5: Call for Art Ends Oct. 11

Vinyl Killers 5 - Call For Submissions

Deadline October 11th, 2007
Go here to download submission info

What: An International show of painted records
When: Opening Party on October 25th, 2007.
Open 5 PM to 2 AM through November.
Where: The Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark St., Portland, OR

First Tire Beach, Now Save the Albany Landfill!

Go here to check out Stencil Archive's Albany Landfill photos.

the cops are coming to the albany landfill tomorrow, monday, to kick out the people who live there and initiate a 2-week period of 'cleaning up' the park which will entail the use of heavy machinery, i.e. tractors/bulldozers! it's possible that they will be attacking some of the artwork as well as they have mentioned time and time again that they want it gone and this is the longest cleanup they have scheduled since 1999.

Sept. 20 Stencil Archive Uploads: Passing 7400

Heading to 7500! Thanks so much for all your submissions. Still backlogged on my own photos (SF, Israel, London, Portland), as well as Maya's difusor submissions (dozens more to post), but will keep working on it when I can.

Big batch of new bike stencils from Janet Attard.

David Drexler keeps finding stencils in Madison, WI, making me think that that city is on fire!

Small batch submissions from:
anamatek in Toronto
a1one in Iran
One from David Drexler in Chicago
Some from all over North California

From the backlog:
Valencia St. here in SF, USA
More from London, UK
Some from Israel
Aulala at difusor
Artiste Ouvrier at difusor

Onwards to seven five ought ought!


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