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Pushing 10K pics! How about that? Just in time to start promoting Stencil Nation, which goes to press this week. How about that? Ah, April goodness. Tonight's uploads supported by classical Persian music (go Iran!), Secret Chiefs 3, and my roomies' nice offering of food just at the right moment.

4.12.08: Adam5100's FormerFunction Exhibit in SF, CA

I would like to invite you to my next show at Stussy SF
on April 12th from 8-11,,,
The show is entitled "FormerFunction" and represents months of thought and work.
see you there

heres a map

Stencil Archive Anti-War Uploads Special

Happy Spring. Happy Monday.

Not so happy in other parts of the world. Sudan, Palestine, Tibet, Iraq are a few places that are currently home to oppression and suffering. Many stencils in today's upload reflect opinions about war.

Artists old and new sent fresh submissions:

Random USA uploads:

Many San Francisco uploads:

8900 Stencils and Growing! Thanks for dropping off your works.

A1one Solo Exhibition in Tehran

A1one Solo Exhibition is The Project for 11 April 2008 to 17 April in Tehran.
Wall / Canvas / Vinyl / Tshirt and ....

نمایشگاه آثار تنها از جمعه بیست و سوم فروردین الی پنجشنبه بیست و نه فروردین ماه در گالری مهرین برگزار خواهد شد

زمان : جمعه 23 فروردین الی پنجشنبه 29 فروردین 1387

ساعات بازدید : 16 الی 20

آدرس :تهران - کوی نصر ( گیشا) خیابان فاضل غربی (جنوبی)شماره بیست و یک ,طبقه اول

Openning : 11 April 2008 (friday)
Visiting Hours :16 to 20
Exhibition Days from 11 to 17th April 2008

Exhibition space Direction: First Floor / No21 / West South Fazel Str. / Gisha (nasr) Ave.

The Project Will be public for 7 days in mid April.


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