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Stencil Archive Site Migration

According to the Stencil Archive admin, migration to Drupal will begin soon, after a bit of "foundation work." And, since this is an upgrade to a new server, "things may be broken for the next couple of days" as well, according to SA admin.

So, if you seen anything that is broken, please let me know by contacting submit[at]stencilarchive[dot]org

Hope to have this done soon, allowing for new possibilities here at StencilArchive.org.

Let's hope that this is painless for all of us.

Open Studio Show: Pure Evil, Eine, M-City, and more


6 th to 20th December .
19 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London UK

You are invited to an open studio in the heart of Shoreditch.
Contemporary street artists at the top of their game will work on
developing new artworks within the space and take their work to a new
Live painting, films , discussions and workshops… Music , Lights , Action !!!!

Giving Thanks for Stencil Photos

I'm giving thanks for friends and family this
year, as well as all of the people who stand up and fight for justice
and equality. Especially the Diné grandmothers of Black Mesa who
survive the oppression of their own Navajo government. And their
defiance against Peabody coal (and Big Coal in general).

7700 bites of vegan digi goodness:

In Europe
Finally an update for the Italy archive, all from Rome.

Video Collage of Asaro Painting Piedad in Oaxaca

Recently got a YouTube showing the Asaro collective painting one of their larger pieces on a Oaxaca wall.

Here is the original text from the email:

pues aki les mando un video chikitito que se hizo con unas fotos de
asaro, ke siguen pintando chido en las calles, tambien van fotos y la

More shows from KiM

Heres all my current and upcoming shows for the rest of the year, if you are in any of these areas please check it out!

A NWFinesse and Doc's Lounge Event
Featuring the art of SOULE
Showing the month NOV. 2007
Doc's Lounge
608 1st Ave
Pioneer Square, Seattle

no cover
food and drink specials


Plush,Vinyl and Clay Toy Show
Opening Reception
NOV 30th 5-9 pm
71 4th ST. Troy, NY


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