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Thanks so much - Russell

Update from Janet BikeGirl

Hi Russell

I am not sure if you will remember a call for art, from last March, which you had put on Stencil Archive, for a book called 99 Silhouettes, by Debut Publications in the UK.

Well the good news! One of my submissions was accepted! The book comes out next month. It is my VELO stencil, which will be in the book.

You can put the news on Stencil Archive ,
here is the link

Happy New Year !
I hope that you have been well.
Everything about the same up here, just working on new stencil designs.

Thanks Janet

Logan Hicks NYC show Jan. 18

I am going to be in show in New York THIS Thursday - January the 18th.
The deadline for the RSVP was today, but if any of you wish to go, let me know and I will put your name at the door.

champagne & caviar

203 W 125th & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
Harlem, NY

Featuring the artwork of Logan Hicks and Sixten

Stencils in Oaxaca

As some of you may know, a popular uprising has sprung up in Oaxaca, Mexico over the past year. Striking teachers, students, and other parts of the community have kept a consistent presence on the streets, trying to oust the current governor while resisting sometimes brutal repression from the local and state police.

Where unrest happens, street stencils usually follow.

I just got two links of stencil art in Oaxaca. One is on the Imdymedia Mexico site, while the other can be found here.

Good News from Justseeds

Hello Everyone-

First, I want to send out a giant thank you for the overwhelming level of support people have shown over the past couple weeks! Everyone has been so generous with their time, ideas and money. In the 3 weeks since my last email, I have raised $8056.84 to cover a significant portion of the debt dumped on Justseeds. It's been amazing to have so many people offer help, and enlightening to realize how few places there are to get interesting, intelligent and political art.

01/09/2007 Stencil Archive Update

6200 uploads and counting!

Peat was in SF, and went back to CELLspace to put up four new pieces.

Dug through the flikr archives for stencil pics from the last ever 11 Spring show. Also dropped more pics into the NYC archive.

New archives from Palestine and Argentinian artist Cam BsAS.

Fresh SF uploads for the Financial District.

Single uploads from TLXN and New Mexico.

Happy 2007!

Update from Peat

Now to the News...

My Onlince Store is now open...
Spend that extra cashola that grandma gave you for Christmas on some limited edition stencil screened prints freshly pulled...signed and numbered.

News from my weblog - Click for photos and more.
- Mr Teeth Ripped off in Jerusalem?
- 11 Spring Street - SOHO NYC - Latest piece from this massive street art event by wooster collective.
- A video of My largest stencil and street scape project featured on LOFISTL.com
- Interview @ Underspray Magazine
(be sure to bookmark this page as it is updated regularly)

Also, you Myspace junkies you can visit me here...

Happy New Year!
Much Hearts,


Scott Williams Show Closing Event in SF, CA, USA

Closing reception for Scott Williams and Dana Smith - please come and spread the word:

Maybelle's Mansion
Sun., Jan. 14th
3:00-7:00ish o'clock
3440 24th Street #1A

or people can view the art by appointment - 415-285-9999.

Christopher Bettig Show in LA, CA, USA.

Hello and happy new year!
I hope everyone had a great and safe holiday season.

To start things off this year I'm having a solo show which opens Saturday, January 13th at Ghettogloss Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. There will be cocktails and musical performances by Dublab's Frosty and Morpho. I'd love to see you there!

Please spread the word, the more the merrier!

2380 Glendale Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90039

T 323/912.0008

Pixnit was here

Her urban-art spores adorn public and private property. But some see her as a menace.

By Matthew Shaer, Globe Correspondent | January 3, 2007
[Link to actual article]

12/24/2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

A holiday gift for your stencil jones.

Ran into Andrew Cotton on the streets of SoHo in New York City this November. He was nice enough to let me shoot his canvases that were for sale.

More fun photos arrived from Popayan in Columbia, South America.

DSF submitted a couple of new photos from their work in Costa Rica, and also sent some other Costa Rican pieces along with them.

Found this Oaxacan photo off of the Chiapas IMC site.

The Scott Williams show photos are all uploaded.

Got a submission from Oregon and think that it is a Silly Pink Bunnies stencil.

Finally, moved a few photos into the Stencils in Media archive, and added one from the Drudge Report's Xmas "card."

Hope you liked your presents!

::: Russell :::


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