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Video Collage of Asaro Painting Piedad in Oaxaca

Recently got a YouTube showing the Asaro collective painting one of their larger pieces on a Oaxaca wall.

Here is the original text from the email:

pues aki les mando un video chikitito que se hizo con unas fotos de
asaro, ke siguen pintando chido en las calles, tambien van fotos y la

More shows from KiM

Heres all my current and upcoming shows for the rest of the year, if you are in any of these areas please check it out!

A NWFinesse and Doc's Lounge Event
Featuring the art of SOULE
Showing the month NOV. 2007
Doc's Lounge
608 1st Ave
Pioneer Square, Seattle

no cover
food and drink specials


Plush,Vinyl and Clay Toy Show
Opening Reception
NOV 30th 5-9 pm
71 4th ST. Troy, NY

Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" Logo First Stenciled

Was reading an interesting article/interview about LSD pioneer chemist Owsley "the Bear" Stanley and hopped over to his site for further reading. In 1969, Stanley and artist Bob Thomas worked out the Grateful Dead logo to mark the band's equipment (here's his story). At first, it was just the three-colored lightening bolt, and was used as a stencil.

In the account, Stanley describes how it became a stencil:

"At the warehouse I told Bob the idea that I had, and he made a quick sketch. A mutual friend, Ernie Fischbach, who was visiting with Bob, said 'Give it to me, I'll show you an easy way to put it on the boxes.' Whereupon he proceeded to cut holes in a couple of pieces of stencil paper. One was a circular hole, about 5 1/2 inches in diameter, and the other was a part of a circle 5 inches in diameter. But it was a half circle with a jagged edge. Then he held the stencil to an amp and sprayed a circle of white paint. Then with one side up, the red half circle went on top of the dried white paint and after wiping off the red and turning the stencil over, the blue was applied. This was the first version, and we put it on to all our gear. It helped make it easier to find our stuff in the crunch. I still have an old toolbox with one of the stencils on it."

Vinyl Killers 5: Show Opening Oct. 25, Portland

One of the original themed street art shows, Vinyl Killers returns this October for another round of rescuing long forgotten records from the world's landfills. After five annual shows and several touring exhibits Vinyl Killers is still independent, still D-I-Y, and still free of corporate sponsorship.

The Shadow Act: Kara Walker's vision.

The Shadow Act: Kara Walker's vision.

by Hilton Als

October 8, 2007

(Original profile appears in the New Yorker and is not online. A treatment of the profile is reprinted below.)

Shades of Meaning (a slide show, including photos of Walker's cut paper pieces).


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