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Thanks so much - Russell

Visitor's Fore Sight Stencil Project

Hey Stencil Archive Community,

In july I started cranking out an edition of a picture dictionary/poetry/stencil folio project that I wrote/illustrated. I'm making all of the books myself in my studio. Each one comes pre-cut and bound with snap-rings. There's more info on my site. Just wanted to hip you to it.

Be well. Good luck with the new book.


Stencil Archive Site Migration

According to the Stencil Archive admin, migration to Drupal will begin soon, after a bit of "foundation work." And, since this is an upgrade to a new server, "things may be broken for the next couple of days" as well, according to SA admin.

So, if you seen anything that is broken, please let me know by contacting submit[at]stencilarchive[dot]org

Hope to have this done soon, allowing for new possibilities here at StencilArchive.org.

Let's hope that this is painless for all of us.


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