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Thanks so much - Russell

Lost Graffiti Dissertation FOUND!

After being lost in an old mail folder, I finally found Steve Paynter's
great dissertation "Subversion of Public Space." He gave me the paper
in 2005, so I'm glad that I can put it up for you all to enjoy. Go here to download the PDF file, read, and discuss.

Apologies to Steve for waiting so long to post this.

Call for New Jersey Graffiti Artists

We're looking for smaller pieces from individuals 8x10, 12x 16, etc..
Would like to encourage larger collaborative pieces for crews, would love some model trains, or die cast trucks or sculpture. This exhibit is for all jersey heads so if you are or think someone should be in this exhibit, Get Involved!
All submissions by Friday, July 7th.

Call for Pictures:

Be a part of this exhibit if you have pictures (4” x 6” only) of graffiti in the “Garden State” send them in and they will be displayed as part of the exhibit. Feel free to include copyright info. Please send copies because the picture will be archived after the exhibit (you wont get them back).

Mail flics to or CD's: Leon Rainbow, c/o Artworks,19 Everett Aly,Trenton, NJ 08611 or email either a link or (1-2 at a time) print quality pictures to leon.rainbow@gmail.com

Call for Street Art/ Graffiti Art Films:
3rd Annual Street Art Film Festival

Open submissions to filmmakers world wide curated by http://albuscav.us/filmfest/
For submissions albuscavus@gmail.com
Friday, August 17
Time and Venue (To be Announced)
Drop-Off Sites:

PIXNIT at Basel

Dear Friends,

PIXNIT Productions is pleased to announce new work by the Boston-based artist PIXNIT, presented by Samson Projects at the International Scope Art Fair at Art Basel, Switzerland. The piece entitled “L’ E’tat, C’est Moi”, (I am the State), is a 13’ x 30’ painting installation that will be on view starting June 12th through June 17th, 2007.

May 30 Uploads: Just in Time for June (duh!)

Hey now. Just in time for June fun. School's out, and what better way to fill your head than with stencil pleasures...

fiction in Bristol, UK dropped by and let Stencil Archive pick their faves off of his flikr posts.

enough in Ireland sent some new additons for his growing archive.

pod finally dropped some photos of stencils he found on his travels: Berlin, Austria, dolk in Berlin, and a first from Croatia.

DK sent over a single for his archive.

Here the rest of my Egyptian stencil shots, as well as another batch of my London shots.

Fresh Portland photos from last week's trip up there.

Some San Francisco photos from the backlog: Mission District, Valencia Street, and the Richmond District.

Happy Blue Moon in May....

PS: Late addition, and a new Canadian archive, from CRISP.

Spray Exhibition in Tehran: Call for Submittions

From 1st to 20th of September 2007 Kolahstudio (Iranian Underground Art Mainstream) wants to hold a chain exhibition of spray Arts created by Spray/street artists. All stencils and freeHand Stuff will be welcomed. For this exhibition we will also accept and like to receive photo series of Local Graffiti.

The exhibition program will be as Followed
1 Sep. The Opening Night at Mehrin Gallery at 4 pm (Local Time) -Tehran
2 Sep Opening at CafeSpot(A)*
6 Sep. Closing of Mehrin Gallery Exhibition
7 Sep. - OFF
8 Sep. Opening at CafeSpot(B)*
14 Sep. - OFF
15 Sep. Opening at CafeSpot(C)*
20 Sep. Closing Night in 3 Cafespots


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