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Call for Stencil Content: Stencil Nation Book Project Needs You

Call for Content (Photos and Text) for Stencil Nation Book Project

In this Post/Email:

1. Introduction
2. General Rules for Submission
3. List of 7 Categories that Need Submissions
4. Details of Submitting for Each of the 7 Categories

...................... 1. INTRODUCTION ..............................................................

Hello Stencil Citizens,

Russell here from StencilArchive.org (http://www.stencilarchive.org ). If you have never heard of Stencil Archive, it is a web site that I created in 2002 to cover the international stencil art phenomenon. I have been photographing stencils since 1995, made them since 1998, and currently have over 7,000 stencil photographs (many of them are my own photos) represented on Stencil Archive.

But this call for art and content is not for the web site. I am working on a book titled “Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art” which will published in Spring 2008 by Manic D Press. I am hoping that the community will step up and help me present the amazing scene(s) that have grown around stencil art in the past five years. While recent books feature stencils on and off the streets, Stencil Nation hopes to represent not only the artists and activists who cut and spray but also represent the other parts of the community that make our nation a culture unto itself.

I have 7 different areas of the book that need development. You may fit one or more of the below categories of our community, so I encourage you to tell me more about yourself and be a part of the Stencil Nation project.

Thanks for helping out. If any of this is confusing, please feel free to contact me.


Read the Dolores Park Stencil Story Before a Property Owner Buffs It

Over the past weekend, red-colored text stencils appeared around Dolores Park here in San Francisco's Mission District. If you start at Dolores Park Cafe, read the stencil there, and follow the arrow, you'll get sucked into a nifty psychogeographical love story. It'll wind you up the hill to an amazing view of East San Francisco and the Bay.

This park gets buffed (painted over graffiti) constantly by neighbors who cry "broken windows" and want to make things nice for the Bi-Rite, Delfina, blah blah blah consumer crowd. I found a Tookie stencil there recently, photographed it, and now it's under a nice grey rectangle of paint. So hit the park ASAP to experience the magic of sequential stencil art.

If you don't live in SF, here's the story in its own Stencil Archive.

Scott Williams just called to tell me that the story continues elsewhere at 20th and Capp. Headed over there now to catch the continuation!

PS: If this is an ad campaign (no indication of product placement yet), it's the best one I've ever seen.

A1one Stencils Old Iranain Vinyl

Dear Friends
You recieve this email ,especially as i like to ask you pay a quick attention to These 2 different URLs containing new Works by Me:A1one from IRAN / Tehran

1- Iranian Vinyls - Stencil print on Old Iranian pop and Folk Vinyls Records. http://www.kolahstudio.com/a1one/vilnyls (Online for For purchase or exchange)

Comments and suggestions is welcomed.

2- Resist Exhibition Preview : Posters From Around the World in Europe


PIXNIT Basel Update

PIXNIT Productions is pleased to announce new work by the Boston based artist PIXNIT, presented by Samson Projects at the International Scope Art Fair at Art Basel, Switzerland. The piece entitled “L’ E’tat, C’est Moi”, (I am the State), is a 13’ x 30’ painting installation that was on view from June 12th through June 17th, 2007.

After traveling from London to Paris to Amsterdam, PIXNIT arrived in Basel to install her largest work yet. The piece took 30 hrs. to install and she and her assistant worked for 24 straight hours to finish the piece in time.


7,000 Upload Mark via Maya and Difusor Show

Quick update this week. Many uploads for the Barcelona Difusor Stencil Meeting. Maya from World of Stencils sent over a pile of her photos, making the archives finally top 7,000 photos. She reports from her blog that "almost 100 stencil artists (89 registered artists)" where present, and that "the artists [where] split into several groups [to] spray on big walls around Barcelona." Here are some of her photos:

Here is the main Difusor stencil archive.
Check out the M-City mural.
Target & Vhils painted some walls.
Target also painted a few walls with Royal Fish Club.
Maya's photos also featured M-City at the Difusor "3 Cutters" show.

Have some submissions to go through and will post those soon as well, hopefully with more content from Maya.... for now, thanks Maya for your work, as well as all the artists that painted Barcelona.


hey everybody.

im going on a trip to poland, romania, bulgaria, turkey, greece, kroatia and serbia this august and september.
so im looking for writers, streetartist or just nice people (that know whats going on overthere or have good tips) to meet.
get back to me: funk@funk25.net

thanks so far, and maybe see you - from hamburg with love, funk25


Splashing the Art World With Anger and Questions

The New York Times
June 30, 2007


Until the pranks turned ugly, it was heartening to follow the dust-up between a bunch of street artists and their nemesis or nemeses, identity unknown. As The New York Times reported this week, for some time works of stenciled graffiti art and wheat-pasted posters slapped onto walls in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan have been splashed with paint and scrawled with messages of protest.

Splasher Manifesto PDF Download

From the NY Times article:

Two days after Mr. Cooper’s arrest, a group of people showed up at the
Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, where a reception was being held
for Mr. Fairey. Without identifying themselves, they distributed copies
of a 16-page tabloid with the title “If we did it this is how it
would’ve happened,” with a cover photograph of an image created by Mr.
Fairey defaced with paint.

As Street Art Goes Commercial, a Resistance Raises a Real Stink

From the NY Times (Subscription needed)
June 28, 2007

The covert campaign targeting street art began about seven months ago, with blobs of paint that appeared overnight, obscuring murals and wheat-pasted art on walls in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Arcane messages were pasted at the sites, but it was difficult to ask for an explanation. The author was never identified.

Jeremy Sparig for The New York Times

James Cooper after his arrest. He has been charged with arson.

Early Summer Stencil Uploads

Just in time for those brightly-lit evenings:

A pile of submissions and uploads from the Middle East (West Asia):
Chris sent some great photos from Istanbul, Turkey
a1one beefed up his archive via Iran
Here's another batch I shot in Tel Aviv, Israel

Another batch of my own photos from London and the final batch from Portland, OR

Here's some backlogged photos of mine from the Mission District in San Francisco.

Finally, some more single and double submissions:
Bryn sent some from Northern California (with a few of mine thrown in too).
He also sent one from France
Singles from Wisconsin and the most-creative DRL in LA.

Have a great summer. Do something radical on July 4 this year: avoid the war-worship and enjoy something different if you can.



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