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New SF Archive: Kate DeCiccio

I new stencil mural just went up along the Wiggle (a popular bike route) in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood. The specific corner is Haight and Pierce. I bike by the mural often, so saw it in progress. Todd Hanson happened to meet the folks prior to my meeting them. After taking some in-progress photos, I caught Kate at the wall with another person. They were adding some of the last stencils to the bottom party running along Haight St. She said that the main portrait is of Kenya's Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai. All the other folks in the mural are locals from the Lower Haight neighborhood. And Kate says that she had help on the wall, especially the free spray parts.

I moved my first three photos over to a new Archive for Kate. I went ahead and added the nine new photos of the finished mural to the archive.

Romanowski and myself appear to be the only folks that stencil murals. Glad to see a new one in the mix!

>NEW< http://www.stencilarchive.org/archives/index.php/San_Francisco/Artists_i...

VIDEO: Swoon Ashore and Afloat

Mayor: We’ll Arrest and Prosecute Park Vandals

Mayor: We’ll Arrest and Prosecute Park Vandals

By: Rigoberto Hernandez | June 19, 2012 – 3:24 pm (link to posting)

The vandals of Dolores Park and Potrero Del Sol have gained a new powerful enemy: Mayor Ed Lee.

Today, during the mayor’s question time at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Lee promised to take steps to curb the vandalism that has hit city parks recently.

The Helen Diller playground at Dolores Park, for example, was vandalized just days after opening in April. Vandals marked the playground with graffiti and removed six of the 14 metal keys from the xylophone, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Crimes of vandalism and graffiti are an assault on our public resources,” Lee said. “It’s shameful.”

Here is how the mayor promised to curb the vandalism:

  • The Parks and Recreation Department is working with food vendors and bicycle rental companies to offer “happy park uses.”
  • The San Francisco Police Department will hire nine park patrol officers (citywide.)
  • The police chief will tell his officers to enforce property crimes.
  • “Once arrested, [the DA] will work to prosecute these criminals to the full extent of the law,” Lee said.
  • Work with judges who dismiss vandalism cases and educate them on the importance of prosecution. “I see far too many [cases] dismissed,” he said.
  • A graffiti specialist is currently developing leads to apprehend the vandals.
  • Citizens are also encouraged to participate in the city’s graffiti reward program.

VIDEO: Vandal Stencils Original Picasso (TX, USA)

Police are investigating after a vandal defaced an original Pablo Picasso painting at a Texas museum last week and it happened to be captured on video by another museum-goer.

A grainy cellphone video on YouTube shows a man in a suit spray-painting a stencil of a bullfighter killing a bull on the 1929 Picasso painting "Woman in a Red Armchair" at Houston's Menil Collection museum. The man also wrote the Spanish word "Conquista" (meaning to conquer) before he fled.

The person who posted the video online alleges the culprit is a Mexican-American artist. Further to that, the museum-goer who filmed the spray painter told KPRC Channel 2 the vandal identified himself as an artist looking to honour Picasso's work.

Houston police spokeswoman Victor Senties told the Houston Chronicle they are investigating it as a criminal mischief case.

Museum security immediately took the painting to its in-house expert for repair June 13, the newspaper reports.

The value of the painting is unknown, however similar Picasso pieces have sold for tens of millions of dollars, the museum said.

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Spanish Hand Stencils May Be 37,000 Years Old

European cave art gets older
Ancient illustrations in northern Spain date to more than 40,000 years ago
By Bruce Bower
Web edition : Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Red disks, hand stencils and club-shaped drawings lining the walls of several Stone Age caves in Spain were painted so long ago that Neandertals might have been their makers, say researchers armed with a high-powered method for dating ancient stone.

Scientists have struggled for more than a century to determine the ages of Europe’s striking Stone Age cave paintings. A new rock-dating technique, which uses bits of mineralized stone to estimate minimum and maximum ages of ancient paintings, finds that European cave art started earlier than researchers have assumed — at least 40,800 years ago, say archaeologist Alistair Pike of the University of Bristol in England and his colleagues.

9 June: Public Provocations IV (DE)


PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS IV shows the beginning of a provocation and what becomes of it. A single artistic language, being more contemporary than ever, finding itself not only in galleries but even making its way into museums. A cross section of the current works of the scene is exhibited, concentrating on displaying the true pulse, creativity and power of the art. PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS IV feeds on colours and their performers – international legends and explosive young talents from Europe, the US or right up to the Middle East. This kind of art and expression with its urban origin, combined with much character and authenticity, minds both its provocative and its inspiring side. A vibrant and unique exhibition that can be experienced from June till October 2012 in the Carhartt Gallery.

Artists in exhibition
A1one / IR
Bezt / PL
Czarnobyl / PL
Dave the Chimp / GB
Honet / FR
Jef Aérosol / FR
Klaas Van der Linden / BE
Maoma / NL
Marco Zamora / US
SatOne / D
Tasso / D
The London Police / NL

oi, Stencil Archive v.Tours...

Over on Google+ and the FaceCrack, er Facebook, I will randomly post search strings via the Stencil Archive. I call them v.Tours (yeah, virtualTours) of the site. It gives people a way to see the breadth of the photos on here (almost 18,000 pics). Themes vary and usually have something to do with whatever comes up in my mind. Valentines in USA? Why not a v.Tour of heart stencils. I just read an article about birds. Why not a v.Tour of bird stencils? Uprising in Greece? Why not a v.Tour of anarchist "A" symbols? etc.

Some of you may not even know that you can search the Stencil Archive. There's a search function for each side of the site. You are currently reading this post on the Drupal side of the site. The Drupal "search" field will only get results from the posts on the index, and other Drupal pages.

Click the Archives link in the mast head and you will go to the Gallery side of the site (where the photos live). Once you get to the Archives, you will see a box that says "search the gallery" with a GO button. Search for random words in the filenames of all the photos (I am still trying to figure out how to search tag words) to see what's in the Archives. Links can easily be copied and shared for the searches, which is the basis of the v.Tours.

So.... in (dis)honor of E. II, here is a v.Tour of mostly illegal work from the streets of merry London (once the capital of a world-wide empire). Sure, there's Banksy in the mix. But there are also other treats on the walls of London.... enjoy this current v.Tour and have fun creating your own "walks"!



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