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Thanks so much - Russell

Art Helps/ Hurricane Katrina & Rita relief

Karey Marice and Myself are putting together a benefit show.
We are trying to put this together ASAP. So below are the requirements. Basically we are keeping all pieces under a hundred dollars and fifty percent will be donated to charity. The show will be at Cafe Ole in Trenton,NJ. From October 14, 2005 to November 9, 2005.
The reception will be October 14, 2005, 5pm until 9pm, Trenton 2 Nite,
Any interested artists please get in touch ASAP.

Leon Rainbow Monthly

I know it's been a minute, mad crazy right now.
Well droppin a line to let you know about a couple of events in he New Bruinswick Area this weekend. Look for me on Sunday.They are presenting a collaborative wall we did in Highland Park. Updates coming soon.
Also Check out Tom Smith's new site at http://www.drsizzle.com/
thanks for the support...

art party 2k5

at Raritan River Fest
saturday september 24, 2005, johnson park, piscataway, nj
12noon - 7pm

copy-shop trash meditation yields fruit

A Simple heads up: The wrapping used for many types of paper is coated on one side with a thin sheet of plastic which makes it usefull for transferring prints to cloth via ironing. good dirty-cheap method that yields a crisp-clean print on a t-shirt. plus 'cause it's ironed on you can use floaters if you care to.


Christopher Bettig Sept Update

Hello everyone-
I hope you are all doing well, here's the latest...

"Enjoy By"
I was just asked to take part in a group exhibition curated by Bill
Farroux featuring works by : Barry Mcgee, Shepard Fairey, Chris Johanson,
Travis Millard, Buffmonster, Rich Jacobs, Ed & Deanna Templeton etc.

opens : Saturday September 10, 2005 9pm - 2am

5016 Venice Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(just west of La Brea on south side of street)

P R O P A G A N D A 2 . 0 call for art

EVERYONE is invited to contribute PROPAGANDA for this art show.

There will be NO curatorial filter. And NO censorship whatsoever.

ANYONE can submit art for the PROPAGANDA WALL and it will automatically be included in the exhibition.

Simply send a postcard with YOUR political message on the front to:

672 south van ness avenue
san francisco, ca 94110

any questions?
kindly contact john@startsoma.com.

EXHIBITION in wales of street art (2006)

street.art.manifesto is organising a street art exhibition in wales in 2006

the street.art.manifesto team is gathering material from all over the world to do an exhibition with street art from all over the corners of the earth... stencil, stickers, posters...

if you are insterested contact street.art.manifesto@gmail.com and ask for more details.....


cutting out a barcode "PAINTING" stencil

I just uploaded an animation of cutting out a barcode "PAINTING" stencil.

Too many people where questioning if my paintings where inkjet prints. So I made these videos to explain my stencil making process. I'm sure that some will still not believe these barcodes are hand made.


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