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Thanks so much - Russell

P R O P A G A N D A 2 . 0 call for art

EVERYONE is invited to contribute PROPAGANDA for this art show.

There will be NO curatorial filter. And NO censorship whatsoever.

ANYONE can submit art for the PROPAGANDA WALL and it will automatically be included in the exhibition.

Simply send a postcard with YOUR political message on the front to:

672 south van ness avenue
san francisco, ca 94110

any questions?
kindly contact john@startsoma.com.

EXHIBITION in wales of street art (2006)

street.art.manifesto is organising a street art exhibition in wales in 2006

the street.art.manifesto team is gathering material from all over the world to do an exhibition with street art from all over the corners of the earth... stencil, stickers, posters...

if you are insterested contact street.art.manifesto@gmail.com and ask for more details.....


cutting out a barcode "PAINTING" stencil

I just uploaded an animation of cutting out a barcode "PAINTING" stencil.

Too many people where questioning if my paintings where inkjet prints. So I made these videos to explain my stencil making process. I'm sure that some will still not believe these barcodes are hand made.

Vinyl Killers III Call for Art

The main points are:
$5 entry fee
2 records per artist
No multi record pieces
(unless you have one that you think is super dope then you can send a pic and try to change my mind)
Deadline October 14th, 2005

If you have questions that aren't covered in the attached document then ask them here so I can answer them for everyone. Otherwise thats pretty much it.

James Prigoff and Others at Commonwealth Club 8/16

Urban Scrawl or Artistic Freedom?

PEX, Street Artist
BEN MORGAN, Director, Quality of Life (Graffiti Film)
MACHAELA M. HOCTOR, Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney's Office
MOHAMMED NURU, Chair, San Francisco's Graffiti Advisory Board
JONATHON KEATS, Art and Culture Critic; Visual Arts Critic, San Francisco Magazine - Moderator

KiM's art opening at the Laughing Goddess

wanted to give everyone the adress of my upcoming art show,The art will
be showing the month of August and the artist reception(where you can
meet the lovely artist!) will be held on August 7th between 2-5pm there
will be food and drinks and all my new artwork.

Its at the
35840 7TH STREET

For those not familiar with the coast Nehalem is about 30 minutes south
of Cannon Beach on highway 101,if you blink at all you will miss it!

Leon Rainbow E-Newsletter

SS Crew Presents
Street Sweepers
Friday, August 26th through Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
The Firlefanz Gallery.Albany, NY
Over 40 artists and growing. The line up is looking great. I've heard rumors of live painting too. Keep your eyes and ears open.

saturday, August 13 @ the howard johnson restaurant asbury park, nj
ocean ave. next to the convention hall
doors open at 7pm. $5 - 21+ to drink
live music by:
Red Sonja
The Finals
Save Your Eyes


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