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220 Stencil Pics Added to The Stencil Archive

Tips on Making Moss Graffiti (and Stencils)

Find all the pics/steps here.

14 March: Chris Stain Book Launch Exhibit (NY)

Chris Stain has a book coming out ths month from Drago Books. One of the earliest artists to discover and support Stencil Archive, Chris Stain has always personified the community-mindedness, radicalness, and kindness that the stencil scene tends to exhibit. While on tour with "Stencil Nation," a young artist in Baltimore recalled a childhood memory of Chris showing him how to use spraypaint... and then giving him some cans to take home and use. This small act changed this artist's life, and neatly shows what a great person Chris is.

Read the interview Stencil Archive had with Chris Stain back in 2002.

And if you live in New York, go to this great show (which will include long-time Stencil Archive collaborator Josh MacPhee).

Congrats Chris!

15 March: Jef Aerosol Paints it Green (FR)

à la Galerie du Colisée
Lens - rue de Paris
du 15 mars au 10 avril 2012


Approche de l'Irlande en peintures. Des visages, des personnages évocateurs choisis par un artiste français mordu de culture irlandaise.
Entrée gratuite.
Renseignements, horaires d'ouverture au

17 March: Jeremy Novy Stencil Workshop (SF)

Stencil Art /Street Art Workshop
Teacher: Jeremy Novy
Date: Saturday March 17th @ 3pm
Agenda: 3pm to 5pm theory and stencil,5pm-6pm spraying on the roof of AdoreSpace, dinner afterwards.
Material: All materials will be provided, including stencil kit, colors, cutting tools.
Drinks/Food: Drinks and Dinner are included and will be served after the workshop.
Cost: $30 per person, payable through paypal at adorespace@gmail.com.
You need to pay in advance to book your spot.

9 March: Pop Up Show (Oslo)

If you're in Norway this weekend....

Make Stencils... On Your iPhone



Turn a photo into a "stencil." Spray it on a wall.

Red Goat Stencils Cause a Stir in NY

March 2, 2012
How Graffiti Goats Became a Symbol of ... Something

Original is here.

KINGSTON, N.Y. — The red goats of Kingston came from nowhere. One day there were new, clunky white planters in the stockade district and then, mysteriously, in October they became canvases for about 37 stenciled goats, red on white, like ghost goats from another world.

And then the red goats went everywhere. Thanks in part to a Facebook page, the goats have become a favored form of graffiti art far from this Hudson Valley town — at the Marcy Avenue subway stop and the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, in Missouri, Michigan and Canada, at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach.

10 March: Jef Aerosol's Hot Spot



Galerie Australe

Saint-Denis, île de La Réunion



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