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9 March: I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law


  What:  I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law
    When: March 9–April 19, 2012
    Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)
    Free Admission During Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Friday, 12–7pm,  Saturday, 12–5pm.

    Opening Reception: Thursday, March 8, 6–9pm, fee admission
    I Fought The Law: A Conversation with Artists & Attorneys: Wednesday, March 21, 7–9pm, free admission
    Undocumented and Unafraid: An Evening of Film & Conversation: Friday, April 13, 6–9pm, $5 suggested donation
    Closing Reception: Thursday, April 19th 6–9PM, free admission

I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law is an exhibition of more than 30 artists and collectives that challenge, question or circumvent the law through their work.  Curated by Justin Hoover, I Am Crime touches on issues of equity—who gets to break the law, when, and why.

“True Crime,” a collaborative installation conceived by Critical Art Ensemble, invites any visitor to become part of the exhibition.

See if it Sticks: Preview Archive

Here are a batch of photos I've taken over the past few weeks, showing the collabs with Todd Hanson as well as some of the current public art inside Density.


Show opens tonight, premiering the main wall with three pieces by Scott Williams, the half-tone money series by Russell as well as interactive stencils and cut-outs by Todd.

beer, wine, and free stickers while supplies last.

7-9pm tonight at Density: 593 Valencia St. at 17th....

3 March: Major Razor Flyer (Jakarta)

Shameless Marketing Blog Post About Movie Stencil Ad

NOTE: To see too many photographs of a legal, trademarked stencil, go here (for original posting)

We've left our mark in the name of Spider-Man. Permanently this time! Last night I was called on the phone I picked up in the Mark of the Spider-Man viral to meet up in downtown Los Angeles to participate in an incognito event around the city involving tagging the Mark of the Spidey on walls around Hollywood. It was awesome. And you can still see our work. This isn't the only city either, as groups have hit Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, and also coming up tonight, New York and Phoenix, too. Our group of 10 and the Mark crew took stencils and rode in a van around the city last night spreading the word of Spidey. Here's what went down.

Note: Before anyone says anything, this was a completely legal, virally-coordinated event involving Sony / Columbia Pictures in the background. All of the locations were marked and chosen and this was designed to be an "in-fiction" event for Spidey fans like us to experience. It is not meant to encourage illegal activity or vandalism and we did not just ride around choosing random walls to tag. That said, it was an awesome idea and if you know the locations, you can now find these Spider-Man symbols hidden all around the country.

3 March: Major Razor Exhibit (Jakarta, ID)

Stencil Art Exhibition "Major Razor" March 3, 2012, Gardu House - Jakarta (http://garduhouse.blogspot.com/)

Stencil Art Exhibition "Major Razor" is an exhibition that involves some stencil artists the world to participate in this event.

The idea originally was when we gathered in an alternative space named Gardu House, which is this space provides an opportunity for friends street artist to be exhibited even hold a project with of urban art, street art, and artist initiative such as: sticker, wheapaste, grafity, posters and etc.

In this stencil art exhibition we want to develop appreciation of the works of artists abroad as well as local stencil. Where we can do some projects such as: workshops, working together in public space, shared experiences and etc. Some participants will be invited to participate in later events:

1. Alias (Germany)
2. Corner (Indonesia)
3. Owys (Germany)
4. Mathew Curran (United States)
5. L.E.T (Germany)
6. Anti-Tank (Indonesia)
7. JMX (Indonesia)
8. Egauselless (Indonesia)
9. Roar (Indonesia)
10. Leckomio (Germany)
11. Jinks Kunst (France)
12. Cola Sa (Taiwan)
13. Todd Hanson (USA)
14. Russell Howze (USA)

Video: Tommy Gurr Sprays an Eye

[u]: 25 Feb: See if it Sticks (SF, CA)

See If It Sticks
The Stencil Art of Scott Williams, Todd Hanson, and Russell Howze
with special guest, Jeremy Novy

Opening Night: Feb. 25, 7pm to 9pm
Feb. 25 to Mar. 25

at Density, 593 Valencia at 17th, SF, CA

Sometimes images and ideas stick out in one's mind, screaming to be created.
For a stencil artist, these images have to stick around until the paper gets cut.
Then there must be a room full of patience while the images get painted, or the wet stencils might stick!

Join us and discover your own sticky reasons for enjoying some fun art.

There will be free stenciled stickers (of course)... beer, wine while supplies last
Density will also have a special sale opening night.

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New Uploads: Groundhog Express Pt. 2

300 total for 6 more weeks of warming your brains around the laptop fires:

Groundhog Express, Pt. 2

>NEW< SF Turn of 21st Century (1996-2001)

Haight St.


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