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Stencil Art? Video: SF Stencils

Artist JP Kelly wanders the streets of San Francisco, wondering about stencil art.

Can't embed the video in this post, so you'll have to go to his site and look for the small thumbnail for the video titled "Stencil Art?" A pink text stencil is in the thumbnail.

Stencil Archive gets a cameo, as does long time friend and stencil geek Josiah S.

The Buff is ON in Barcelona (fm TXMX)

SF Bike Coalition Pothole Stencil News

The SF Bicycle Coalition's Crater Invader stencil campaign got some press over the weekend.

Check out a news video segment here (must watch commercial to get to the segment).

Beyond Chron also covered the campaign.

Unfortunately, I was called in to my volunteer job for an emergency and couldn't volunteer for the stenciling. Did take pics on Sunday and will post them soon!

KQED's Gallery Crawl Waxes Street Art (Update)

KQED's vidcast
Gallery Crawl spotlights art that doesn't hang on gallery walls. Some
great shots of stencil art, as well as other forms of street art, here
in San Francisco.

Koleszar Video: Stenciling Phelan Building

Here's a video from John Koleszar, showing him spraying the Phelan Building stencil.

Alfonso Cuaron Utilizing Stencil-Style Animations for Short Vid

Alfonso Cuarón directed a short film
for Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" promotions, using effective stencil
animations in the piece. Since I appreciate all the works of Cuarón and
Klein, I thought that I'd pass along the link to watch the video.
Concept, art, and animations was provided by ad house Foreign Office.

Adam5100 Spark Segment Online

Just wanted to let you know that we are now streaming the video segment for Adam5100's story.


Jef Aerosol Stencils in AT

VIDEO: Der deutsche Graffiti-Künstler XOOOOX | euromaxx

Snoop Stencils


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