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31 May New Stencil Archive Uploads

Be safe out there. Be kind always. No scapegoating. Remember the Golden Rule.
Shout outs to: Todd H., Joe Doom, Josiah, r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive, and you.
Photo: Yon's masked MUNI driver, on upper Haight St. (aka Haight-Ashbury)

>NEW< ToddoT in Upper Haight, SF

>NEW<  savethewall (IT)

Miniature Rock Stencils from AU

COVID-19 awareness in New York state

One COVID-19 mural from Ohio

A few from Zob in PDX, OR

On Valencia St., SF

Upper Haight St., SF

Just off 13th and Mission

What, Me Worry on Clarion?

A sad reminder from 1999

Todd sent me a postcard

COVID-19 related from Yon

Just one from Hamburg

Fresh and Diverse Uploads for the Week

Thanks, as always, to Josiah, Xsacto, @only_stencil_archive (via IG), r/stencils, r/streetart, and Brooklyn Street Art
Photo: Giving Thanks in London!

>NEW< 0907 in China

>NEW<  Cut paper and shadow box art of Lucia Szulman (AR)


>NEW< Ryan Winchell (Sacramento, CA)

Just one from Xsacto

A topical stencil from Israel

COVID-19 stencil in Russia

COVID-19 stencils from UK

A COVID-19 stencil in Culver City, LA, CA

COVID-19 related, etc. in NYC

Found In Media

Praxis (NYC)

Yon on Fillmore St., SF

On Fillmore St., SF

On Valencia St., SF

In The Mission, SF

COVID-19 in SoMa, SF

Another Sunday... More Stencil Uploads

Keeping the good times going; thanks for all your social streams!
music: John, Paul, George, Ringo, Jimi, Mitch, and Noel.
Photo: Ha Ha's self portrait

more from xsacto

just one from Regan Ha Ha Tamanui

just one from NC

>NEW< Vagabro (IT)

>NEW< Jalb38 (FR)

>NEW< biodpi (IT)

>NEW< Lesivo (CO)

Do it for your mother - fresh Sunday uploads

I think she would like these….
Music: Prog Stole Things (compilation) by Flubhead
Photo: After Life, on Valencia St., SF

>NEW< Ian Kuali’i

>NEW< Cucusita Stencil (IT)

>NEW< John D’oh (UK)

John Fekner

Valencia St., SF

Mission District, SF (thanks, Josiah)

Berlin (just one)

France (just one)

Two from Iron (Sweden)

One from Palestine, by Cake (thanks, Brooklyn Street Art)

New Uploads for Sun-shiny Sundays

Submission thanks to Josiah (holding it down in the Mission)
Music from vinyl that hopefully keeps Amoeba Records afloat: Bill Evans, Monk, Bowie.
Photo: In the Upper Haight, artist unknown

More Xsacto goodness

>NEW< Joshila Dhaby from Mauritius

>NEW< Not Kilroy from Lyon, FR

One COVID-19 piece from Texas

COVID-19 pieces in the Upper Haight

Two on Valencia St.

Two in the Western Addition

One in SoMa, SF

Strange ones in the Mission

One COVID-19 piece from Brazil

Start Your Week with Fresh Stencil Uploads

How did April end so fast? I know, by not leaving the flat.
Photo: Stay the F--k Home, by PolarBear

Several more from Xsacto

New submissions from Joe Wackerman

>NEW< Joshua Wingerter (NOLa)

>NEW< alessio-b (IT)

>NEW< PolarBear (FR)

>NEW< Recycled Propaganda (UK)


>NEW< Unify Artist (UK)

Western Addition (NoPa), SF, CA

Upper Haight, SF, CA

Valencia St., SF, CA (thanks, Josiah)

Eclair (just one)

fnnch (just one)

Pre-Earth Day Stencil Archive Uploads - Listen to the Silent Trees

Welcome back, xsacto! It has been too long. Also, thus ends the 2020 TXMX submissions (unless I pull pics off of his Flickr)
Photo: xsacto's Alfred E. Zappa, with the walking birds (chirp, chirp).

xsacto returns!

fnnch gets in on the COVID-19 reaction

>NEW< Anagard, Indonesia

>NEW< Seileise (Hamburg DE)

>NEW< Zelos (Hamburg DE)

Street Dr. Dude

Rolf and le Loup (just one)

Rude (just one)

Literal COVID-themed Upload Stencil Special

Submission thanks to: TXMX, Josiah, Tiago, LisaRuth, Larry S., Steven Bracco
Photo: Free Hugs Cancelled wheatpaste by Jeremy Novy

Surprise Quarantine Visit with TXMX uploads from Hamburg

COVID-related, from fnnch (the Castro, SF)

COVID-related, from Jeremy Novy (just one)

COVID-related, from San Francisco’s Mission District

COVID-related, from LA (just one)

COVID-related, from Estonia (just one)

COVID-related, from France (just one)

COVID-related, from India (just one)

COVID-related, from UK

COVID-related, from NYC

COVID-related, from Portland, OR (rent strike!)

COVID-related, from Austin, TX (rent strike!)

Monday Quarantine Uploads - Stay Safe Out There

Submission thanks to: TXMX, Peter, Josiah, Brooklyn Street Art, NY Streetart, evanwier, and Everything4Everyone
Music: Monk, Dylan. 
This photo: artist - FAKE; photo - evanwier (Reddit)

This week’s submissions, A-Zed:


Chile (protest walls)


Italy (Rome)

Le Loup

Los Angeles (just one)

Netherlands (just one)

NYC (just one)


>NEW< Pobel (NO)


Sten + Lex


Shelter in Place Uploads Special

Wash those hands! Be safe! Maybe don't go out painting right now??
Music: Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Echo and the Bunnymen
Submissions, photos by: Josiah, niklaq, RobertPower415
This photo: In Sacramento, CA (RobertPower415/reddit)

Istanbul (just one)
Banksy (just one)
Hamburg (just one; more TXMX uploads coming soon)
Sacramento (just one)
Oakland (just one)
Boston (just one)
Providence, RI
Mexico City/CDMX (just one)

……. San Francisco ………

Early 2000s classic by Claude
Upper Haight St.
Mission District (just one)
Valencia St.


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