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Stencil Nation Buchpräsentation und Dia Vortrag

"Stencil Nation" Buchpräsentation und Dia Vortrag von Russell Howze // book presentation and slide show by Russell Howze


Von & mit Russell Howze !!! Live in der Assoonas Galerie, Wohlersallee 48, am Donnerstag, 8.Januar, ab 20h !!!


am 14. Januar 2009 um 21 Uhr im // 14th of January 2009 at 9 pm in
neurotitan shop & gallery
Rosenthaler Str. 39
10178 Berlin

Berlin Afterparty

Miss Vergnuegen presents
"A Night in the Streets"
im Eschschloraque
mi. 14.1.09
ab 22h

a Stencil Nation tour afterparty
dj/vj Podinski
(XL terrestrials)
"psychotronic ostblok: the a/v mix"
special guest
vj HomeCut
( aus San Fran )
djs jri + miss V.
"eclectic sounds against the winterdepression"


visuals: ein global graffiti/stencil vj remix tour.
images picked from over 10,000 pics at
and assorted films collected for Xlt's recent 25c3 hacklab show.

(3 euros)

Guten Silvester: Mini-Upload to the Archive

Just a short upload to the archive before heading out into the freezing, bombarding streets of Berlin for a cold/loud hello to 2009.

The rest of the stencils pics from Florence and Vicenza

Som pics from Herzog's show in Vicenza (with some street work too)

and a small upload of Kaos's from Philly, PA, USA.....

Year 7 of Stencil Archive begins in under 4 hours! See ya then......

Uploads for the New Year: Va Bene!

Happy Holla-Daze(d) to one and all. I'm sure most of you have a winter ritual to experience. Well, here's one big old stencil photo upload from yours truly, just in time for all the festive treats that may be in store for you this winter. Grab a warm beverage, cozy up to the computer, and click on through for maximum enjoyment......

tra la la..... Russell

Small and large updates from the USA:


And some blasts from the Euro Zone

And EU artists:

Yes indeed.... many pics speak volumes of words....

UPDATE: Euro Zone: Mini-Tour for January 2009

Early Dec., the good graces of stencildom gifted me a ticket to the EU. I took the opportunity, while in the middle of the Southeast USA tour, to begin putting feelers out for doing the Stencil Nation Book Presentation in as many places as I could work out. Feelers are still out, but some hooks have been snagged:

EU Stencil Nation Book January Mini-Tour (with DJ/VJ Podinski)

  • 8 Thu     assoonas gallery, Wohlersallee 48, Hamburg, DE (8 pm presentation; Podinski will not be at this stop)
  • 14 Wed  Neurotitan, Berlin, DE (9 pm presentation; 10:30 pm after party downstairs @ Eschschloraque)
  • 16 Fri     Skolska28, Prague, CZ (7:30 pm presentation; after party follows)
  • 18 Sun   Stanica, Zilina, SK (8 pm presentation)
  • 22 Thu   Zeitvertrieb, Wien, AT (7 pm presentation; after party follows with special guest Dieter Puntigam)

The amazing DJ/VJ Podinski will also appear at these presentations, dishing out his multi-kulti treats. DJ/VJ Podinski is a psychomedia analyst with, an arts + praxis think tank developing radical hybrid organisms for immediate and unmediated fecundity. XLt work has been featured at festivals, conferences and venues such as Next 5 Minutes, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, 24C3, Roxy/NoD, Pergamon Museum, Kulturbrauerei and Club der Polnische Versager.

More info TBA as it comes along (other gigs in the works: Bratislava, Graz, Hamburg, and maybe Romania) Any leads or advice would be greatly appreciated!

PS: photo upload coming very soon! Just in time for Xmas...... PROMISE!

Stencil Nation in Chattanooga's Times Free Press

Stencil Nation

Russell Howze encourages people to expand their idea of art.

Holly Leber

Original article found here.

Mr. Howze, of San Francisco, will visit Rock Point Books this Saturday to discuss his book, “Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community and Art,” a photographic collection of stencil work done by an international collection of artists.

Stencil Nation Q&A in Atlanta Journal

There's a great feature on stencils coming out Sunday in the Altantal Journal Constitution. First, Drew Jubera talks with Transmit Device to get his angle on stencils in Atlanta. Drew then hit me up with a phone call last week while I was in the Charleston, SC area. He did a good job combing through my long-winded answers to get the gist of what I was saying. I have taken note of this for future interviews.....

Slide Tour Gets an Upstate Nod

'Stencil Nation' book tour tags the Upstate

Graffiti around the world in a day

By Matt Wake

December 3, 2008
Link to original Metromix post

'Stencil Nation' book tour tags the Upstate

This piece by Minneapolis artist Amy Rice is featured in the book “Stencil Nation,” by Russell Howze. A Greenville native, Howze is touring to promote “Stencil Nation.” The events feature slide presentations of graffiti art featured in the text, with Howze riffing about the style’s virtues and vices. (Credit: Amy Rice)

When: 5 p.m. Dec. 4
The Open Book
110 S. Pleasantburg Drive

When: 7:30 p.m. Dec. 5
The Showroom
149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave.

San Francisco author Russell Howze has found spray paint salvation on Berlin’s Reichstag and on the side of a Clemson apartment building. Launching his Web site, in 2002, Howze is a noted curator of stencils, a sub-genre of graffiti which utilizes stencils to produce poignant (and expedient) imagery.

His 192-page ode to the form, “Stencil Nation” was published in June. The tome boasts more than 500 full-color photos of works from more than 350 artists hailing from 28 nations. A second printing is already in the works.

“Stencils have a mystery to them,” Howze says. “Most of the people that make them don’t put their name on them, so there’s not much vanity in them. The placement of stencils makes them really interesting.”

Giving Stencil Thanks...

Woah, big update today. Uploaded all the stencils I found on the Northeast tour, along with some of the works from the past few months.

This upload is vegan, i.e., turkey free!

On the tour, I shot stencils from:

A heping of artists submissions and other parts of USA:

And seconds of EU stencil works

And extra slices of San Francisco:

And finally, for dessert, a 1970s punk stencil from Sothbys and NYTimes

NFL Football is optional today. I recommend taking a nap..... enjoy.

NE Stencil Nation Tour Pics

SN Art Whino MD
Shane, owner/curator of Art Whino in National Harbor, MD, snapped this pic of me and the crowd during my presentation on Sunday. About 20 people listened to the presentation and many more who dropped by to look at the walls (note the Stencil exhibit on the walls behind the screen) stopped to listen a bit. Sold the most books at Art Whino than anywhere else on the Northeast tour.

Stencil Nation in Philly's City Paper

You can find the original article here. I've found stencils on the streets here, mostly on stickers.

Arts Picks: Books

Russell Howze is takin' it to the streets. Hitting the road this month in support of his summertime release, Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art(Manic D Press), Howze will explore the underground phenomenon of a definitively urban art form: "Stencil art is ... more liberating in comparison to more traditional forms of artistic expression," Howze says. "You can take an image and repeat it all across the world if you want to. You don't have to work on canvas, stay on a gallery wall or paint in a specific location. You can even stencil stickers and mail them out to other people to stick up in other cities." 

Tonight's one-hour presentation will focus on an overview of the art form, verbal and visual, including a slide show, examples of stencil art from around the world and actual cut stencils. In addition, Howze plans to go hunting for some of Philly's own stencil art. "I'm looking forward to wandering some alleys and streets in Philly so I can find some work to put on my Stencil Archive Web site," says Howze. "It'll be good to go back to the source of modern graffiti as we know it, which started in Philly and blew up in NYC soon after. Personally, I think I enjoy discovering it more than anything."


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