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Janet Attard's Stencil Nation Window Display gets a Nod

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Pages Bookstore , Art window, will have a display of my bicycle stencils
to celebrate the release of the book Stencil Nation, by Russell Howze.

Stencil Nation, will also be available for purchase at Pages Books.

There will also be a table featuring other stencil and graffiti books, in Pages Bookstore.

The display, is part of Bike Month Toronto. The event takes place June 1 to June 20 2008.

Pages Books and Magazines
256 Queen St. West
Toronto, Canada

May 14 Stencil Archive Update

More stencil photos for you all to check out.

  • Thanks to Apple's Automator app, which makes batch file formatting super easy, I just uploaded all the NYC pics from last year
  • Which means that I created a new Archive for sti(c)kman
  • And the Graffiti Research Labs at Eyebeam
  • Also got to post a new archive (of NYC pics) from Blek
  • Here are a few from SWOON too
  • Penny dropped of some Cans Fest pics
  • KVLR from Ireland gets a new archive
  • Scott Williams let me photograph some fresh, insane cut-outs
  • Here is the round up for the May Day marches in SF

Singles and small batches from

Creeping towards 10K! (this upload supported by Sonny Rollins, Money Mark, and Automator)

PS: re: the spam comments in the Archive/Gallery.... the admin is working on it (slowly). I'm aware of all the comment spam, and he knows what needs to be done. We have added spam filters on the rest of the site recently, so Gallery relief is on the way.

Stencil Archive Collections Links Updated

Finally copy/pasted all the Collection links for the last version of Stencil Archive into this new version.

Hope you click through and check out all the great internationl sites that are still posting photos of stencils in their home cities and elsewhere. 

April 23 Stencil Archive Update

Lots of single and double submissions this week. Let's call it a shallow pool of deep quality works!

  • Eclaricuda Bandersnitch keeps cranking out the street work. I'm having problems keeping up!
  • Here's a batch of work from recent Chinese torch protests here in SF
  • Arno R. dropped some great street work from Graz, AT
  • Penny said hello and gets an Artist Archive in the EU section
  • Here are my Sunday photos of the Saturday SF Bicycle Coalition's Crater Invaders project (chalk paint was holding up)
  • Judy submitted two stencils from Jerusalem, IL
  • Bryn sent some pics from Santa Cruz, CA

Singles and Doubles from

This update is fueled by hot mate and the warm sounds of WFMU's Antique Phonograph Show podcasts (love those laughing songs!)........ N JOI! is Live!

The website for the book "Stencil Nation: Graffitit, Community, and Art" is up and online. Thanks to Antonio for all his time, skills, effort, as well as his initial offer to make this great site. It wouldn't have happened without his amazing Flash goodness. Some things can do on the new site: order an autographed copy the book (ships in June), check out page samples and photos, read news about the book, etc.

I had initially wanted to add a lot more information about the book on the site, but the effort to create the site was hard enough. If you have art in the book, want a link, then I can add that. But all photos will go here on Stencil Archive. I hope to publish all the photos that didn't make it in the book. So many! So hard to choose at times.

There's cool animation on the site, but if you can't handle the Flash, go here for a good ole' blog page of info.

You can also check out the book's MySpace page and Flickr page for extra fun too.

The book will be out in June. I'll post more news here in the coming weeks.

Stencil Nation, Janet Attard at Pages Books, Toronto

A Stencil Nation display at Pages Books and Magazines
June 1 to June 20 2008.

A colourful art display, in Pages Art Window of bicycle stencils, to celebrate the book release of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art.
Stencil Nation features stencils by Janet Attard - Janet Bike Girl and photo documentation by Martin Reis.

Pages Books and Magazines, Art Window
256 Queen St West
Toronto, Canada M5V 1Z8

This event is also part of Bike Month in Toronto, Canada.

9,025 Stencil Archive Uploads, Weblinks added

Pushing 10K pics! How about that? Just in time to start promoting Stencil Nation, which goes to press this week. How about that? Ah, April goodness. Tonight's uploads supported by classical Persian music (go Iran!), Secret Chiefs 3, and my roomies' nice offering of food just at the right moment.

Stencil Archive Anti-War Uploads Special

Happy Spring. Happy Monday.

Not so happy in other parts of the world. Sudan, Palestine, Tibet, Iraq are a few places that are currently home to oppression and suffering. Many stencils in today's upload reflect opinions about war.

Artists old and new sent fresh submissions:

Random USA uploads:

Many San Francisco uploads:

8900 Stencils and Growing! Thanks for dropping off your works.

Spring Forward with New Stencil Flix

Got a steady stream of submissions over the past few weeks... THANKS! From Hawaii to France to Australia, Stencil Nation represents....

Just hit 8800 with this batch. Yeee haw (sorry, listening to bluegrass on the net radio)....


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