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New Stencil Archive Uploads Pt. 1: 16,000th Upload


Just went through most of the Archives, changing those pesky "album###" to the actual name of the artist or location. Changed dozens of albums so now you see clean links instead of odd numbered directories.

This is Part 1 of the uploads. San Francisco pics and Europe pics will be uploaded tomorrow. These archives will undergo the above mentioned changes too, making their links more understandable.

Stencil Archive uploaded photo No. 16,000 tonight! Jessica made a cut out for the End:Civ doc, and here it is as the 16,000th pic:

As for the rest of tonight's uploads, here are the fresh new links:

::::::::: USA :::::::::

Aiko >NEW<


Jason Rowland >NEW<

Larry Cyr

Rawar (just one)

Shepard Fairey

stickman (just one)

Xsacto (just one)

Missouri (Stencil World Exhibit)

North California (just one, thanks Xsacto)

East Bay, North Cali >NEW<

Washington, DC (powershift)

South Carolina (thanks Daryl)

Washington State (just one…. stencil No. 15,999 … '99 WTO grab)

NUMBER 16,000 !! (End:Civ … watch it free online)

::::::::: Canada :::::::::  (just one)

::::::::: Asia :::::::::
Hong Kong (free Ai Wei Wei!!)

::::::::: Persia :::::::::
a1one (Iran)

::::::::: In Media :::::::::

Music was supplied by WNCW's ARC Overnight and WWOZ in New Orleans.

Uploads Part 2 coming later today (it's 2am here...)


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