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Stencils at Seattle City Hostel

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer dropped off some new art (Archive update coming soon!) and a note about the Seattle City Hostel art project:

I don't know if Soule pointed you to the Seattle City Hostel Project, but both she and I stenciled our rooms we got to paint in August. There's a pretty dope website that can give you a virtual tour. Hers is #218, Mine is #206. [I noticed a few other rooms with stencils too. - R.]

News from A1one

I've been crazy Busy all the past month ,doing thenew stencil project which will be going to meet the finishing  of cutting stage after 3 month  cutting at least 4 hours per day .Now i am at the one last layer. IT IS called : ...  ok lets keep the title and theme secret :)

There are some shows i am a part of whic h are already on the run.
First :

--------Urban Art Agenda#3
Directed  JD Mittmann,/ FamousWhenDead Gallery

John Fekner Web site Update

John Fekner just contacted Stencil Archive to let us know that he's updated his site

Though he has "beta" on the mast head, the site has many images from his amazing art/stencil portfolio.

Fekner told us that he's updating more content to his site "in a timely fashion."

We can't wait to see the additions!

KLUTCH: In book "The Pack: Vol. I"

Check it Out

Art Opening & Book Release
The Pack Vol:1 collection of Goodfoot artists
Last Thurs July 30th from 5-11pm
show up until Aug 25th
The Goodfoot

Goodfoot and Poboy art are proud to realease "The Pack: vol 1"  a collection of goodfoot artists.  The release will coincide with an art opening July 30th, from 5-11pm, the show will be up until Aug 25th.

M City, Blu: Belef 09/Belgrade Summer Festival

Start Time: Wednesday, July 22 at 12:00am
End Time: Wednesday, July 29 at 12:00am
Where: Belgrad
URL: Belef09

At the moment when Belgrade is facing a lack of exhibiting areas on one side and the development of alternative forms of expression through
street art of the younger generations of artists, we believe that the Belgrade Summer Festival can serve as a platform for researching the potential of pictures in public areas.

Soule Summer Update

This Summer is going to be quite busy with Festivals and Art Shows!
I've put together a list of the events that I will be at HERE.
I update the page as shows and events are finalized, so check back often!

Take Out the Trash

I had a wonderful  opportunity to work with the White Center CDA
during their annual Spring Clean. Hopefully people with be excited to take out the trash with a smile!
Read more on my blog

Chris Stain: July Update

What I'm Up To
(go to Chris Stain's Web site for all the info)

Mural in the 518

This month I travel to upstate NY to do some painting on the outside of 518 Prints screen printing company. At their request I plan to re-visit some of the working class themes that inspired me to initially cut stencils back in the late ‘90’s. Check my blog, for photos.

Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere

My good friend at Workhorse Visuals contacted me about doing an illustration for a GREEN DAY project based on lyrics from their new album, "21st Century Breakdown". I was given the song "East Jesus Nowhere" and asked to put something together based on the feelings I got from the lyrics. Recently I completed the piece for the limited edition release of the album. The work will be featured in a booklet that accompanies the cd. It will also be traveling with the band and displayed at different music venues in a gallery format.

Chris Stain: June Projects

June 5-6: "Willoughby Windows" presented by Ad Hoc Art

Ad Hoc Art gallery has set up legal window murals in downtown Brooklyn which I will be participating in along with many others. An ambitious creative venture featuring an entire block of downtown Brooklyn consisting of 13 storefronts with 13 awnings/signs which will highlight installations by 13+ artists.

The opening will be a street party on Friday, June 19th, from 12 noon to 4pm.

Participating artists:
Chris Stain, Christopher Cardinale, Cycle, Dennis McNett, Ellis G, Gaia, Josh MacPhee, Lady Pink, Logan Hicks, Michael De Feo, Mike Houston & Martin Mazorra, Morning Breath, Nathan Lee Pickett


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