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Soule Summer Update

This Summer is going to be quite busy with Festivals and Art Shows!
I've put together a list of the events that I will be at HERE.
I update the page as shows and events are finalized, so check back often!

Take Out the Trash

I had a wonderful  opportunity to work with the White Center CDA
during their annual Spring Clean. Hopefully people with be excited to take out the trash with a smile!
Read more on my blog

Chris Stain: July Update

What I'm Up To
(go to Chris Stain's Web site for all the info)

Mural in the 518

This month I travel to upstate NY to do some painting on the outside of 518 Prints screen printing company. At their request I plan to re-visit some of the working class themes that inspired me to initially cut stencils back in the late ‘90’s. Check my blog, for photos.

Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere

My good friend at Workhorse Visuals contacted me about doing an illustration for a GREEN DAY project based on lyrics from their new album, "21st Century Breakdown". I was given the song "East Jesus Nowhere" and asked to put something together based on the feelings I got from the lyrics. Recently I completed the piece for the limited edition release of the album. The work will be featured in a booklet that accompanies the cd. It will also be traveling with the band and displayed at different music venues in a gallery format.

Chris Stain: June Projects

June 5-6: "Willoughby Windows" presented by Ad Hoc Art

Ad Hoc Art gallery has set up legal window murals in downtown Brooklyn which I will be participating in along with many others. An ambitious creative venture featuring an entire block of downtown Brooklyn consisting of 13 storefronts with 13 awnings/signs which will highlight installations by 13+ artists.

The opening will be a street party on Friday, June 19th, from 12 noon to 4pm.

Participating artists:
Chris Stain, Christopher Cardinale, Cycle, Dennis McNett, Ellis G, Gaia, Josh MacPhee, Lady Pink, Logan Hicks, Michael De Feo, Mike Houston & Martin Mazorra, Morning Breath, Nathan Lee Pickett

Vandals Target Banksy Mural in Bristol

Vandals target Banksy mural in Bristol

Monday, April 06, 2009, 12:55

One of Bristol's most famous graffiti murals, Banksy's Mild, Mild West in Stokes Croft, has been defaced.

A clean-up operation is underway on Monday after red paint was splattered across the giant piece of street art, one of Bristol-born Banksy's early works.

Dirty Pilot Book: PaperMonster special

DirtyPilot has a new book out covering graffiti, urban, and fine artists which features a special order through where you can purchase a deluxe edition of the book along with your choice of a print (limited) from one of three artists.

Direct Link To Book Site:
PaperMonster Print
Ghost Print:
Alber Reyes Print:

Pixnit: ICA: Design as Social Agent

Please join PIXNIT Productions for a full day of events at the ICA!

(BOSTON) The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and Boston Chapter of the AIGA, the professional association for design, present “Design as Social Agent,” a daylong event on Saturday, April 4 from 10 am to 5 pm. Bringing together speakers from the fields of design, street art, music and politics, the event frames Shepard Fairey’s work within the context of grassroots civic action, punk rock and 80’s graffiti and skate culture. A series of presentations, conversations and gallery talks will explore how concepts of appropriation, plagiarism, legality and process have been exploded.

Tickets for each of the five main stage talks are $25 or $15 for ICA and AIGA members as well as students and seniors. Ticket holders will have free access to additional programs, including gallery talks, and presentations in the Bank of American Art Lab on a first-come first-served basis. In addition, anyone who purchases tickets to all five main stage talks will receive free admission to an upcoming ICA public talk or AIGA program, subject to availability. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (617) 478-3103.

Main stage Talks in the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater

10 am Culture and Resistance
With Kevin Grady, Caleb Neelon, Vanessa Platacis (Project Director for PIXNIT Productions) and Elizabeth Resnick

Shepard Fairey's work distills many elements, drawing from the seemingly distinct worlds of music, skate culture, street art, graphic design, and fine art. Designer Kevin Grady, and Boston- based street artists Caleb Neelon and Vanessa Platacis (Project Director for PIXNIT Productions) provide a cultural orientation to frame Fairey's work, while designer, design curator and author Elizabeth Resnick explores how his work fits into a diverse and powerful history of dissent in design.

11:30 am Elegant Dissent and Anarchy
With Elliot Earls

Designer Elliott Earls presents his perspective on establishment and anarchy. How does one visualize dissent? It can take the form of a sophisticated challenge to dominant ideologies- political, religious, or cultural-or the opposite: an anti-establishment counterculture with no message. How are people responding to or acting on these images? Are designers defined by a "design canon" which determines the way they operate? Should they look beyond traditional sources of inspiration or court contradiction and chaos to produce relevant, resonant, and prescient design?

12:45 pm The Obama Effect: What Art Did for Advertising
With Pete Favat and Nicholas Blechman

“OBEY GIANT" and the subsequent "Obama HOPE" poster catapulted Fairey's work into the worlds of politics, corporations, and the mainstream media. These images were consumed and disseminated by people across the globe with startling voracity, and the establishment changed their thinking and their strategies for communicating with people previously "unreachable." Pete Favat, Arnold Advertising's Chief Creative Officer, and Nicholas Blechman, Nozone designer and New York Times Book Review art director, discuss how guerrilla marketing has taken hold and what it means for the way artists, designers, and the media operate.


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