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Mega Monday Uploads

AK Berlin
A mother and her child in Berlin (ph: Adam K)

Thanks to: Adam K, Jaime Rojo and BSA, @mensch_huis; @GraffitiRadical; @Louniki_; r/streetart; @mensch_huis; @DJpedrorocks; @papissa2

Spinning: My first Dead show on tape

Canada (just one)



Greece (just one)

Hungary (just one)

Israel (just one)

New Zealand (just one)

United Kingdom (just one)

Banksy (just one)

The Rebel Bear (just one)

xoooox (just one)

Vuelvo a ti madrecita

A La Paz child in her pollera (ph: Maddie and Kellan)

Thanks to: Amanda, Adam K, Josiah, Maddie and Kellan, David Drexler, Jaime Rojo and BSA, @mensch_huis; @GraffitiRadical; @Louniki_; r/streetart; @mensch_huis; @DJpedrorocks; @papissa2

Spinning: The Heavy Heavy

>NEW< Tyler Street Art (India)

>NEW< Thailand (TH)




Ecuador (just one)

Mexico (just one)

Peru (just one)

Cartooneros (just one)

Mama Told Me Not to Come

Making a power plant pretty in Hermosa Beach, LA (art: Herondo).

Thanks to: Amanda, Adam K, Josiah, Maddie and Kellan, David Drexler, Jaime Rojo and BSA, @mensch_huis; @GraffitiRadical; @Louniki_; r/streetart; @mensch_huis; @DJpedrorocks; @papissa2

Spinning: cassettes, Golden Brown, Blondshell

>NEW< Arkansas, USA

A visit to Los Angeles

One in Oakland

One in Fresno

One in Miami


Recreated hand stencils at the Smithsonian

Aiko (just one)


Cherry Blossoms and Stencil Pics

No one knows who "we know" knows.... (ph: Josiah)

Thanks to: Josiah, Martha Cooper, @GraffitiRadical; r/streetart; 

Spinning: cassette tapes!

Thanks to: Amanda, Adam K, Josiah, Jaime Rojo and BSA, @mensch_huis; @GraffitiRadical; @Louniki_; r/streetart; 

Spinning: cassette tapes!

>NEW< One from Yemen

Two from Iran

Two from India (photos: Martha Cooper)

Valencia St., SF

Free Iran in Clarion Alley

In the Tenderloin

SoMa and at the Ferry Building

The Mission

In the Richmond

Western Addition

in North Beach


Spring Forward with New Photos

A MonkeyBird mural.

Thanks to: Jeremy Novy (extra love and respect for snapping flix on the streets during his recent travels), Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art, @mensch_huis; @GraffitiRadical; @Louniki_; r/streetart

Spinning: Shakti; Trey and Page

>NEW< Lasco (FR)

>NEW< MonkeyBird (FR)

>NEW< Mr. Lolo (FR)

Aiko (just one)


Blek (from 1987)

Jaune (just one)

Jef Aerosol (just one)

Miss.Tic (RIP) (just one)

Praxis (just one)






Full Moon Feb Uploads

Amanda Colab
Amanda Marie setting up a cut out at Colab Gallery.

Thanks to: @graffitiradical; @Emily_Lykos; @mensch_huis; CiMi; Novy; Brooklyn Street Art; XLTs; Colab Gallery; Daryl H

Spinning: Bad Brains

Amanda Marie

One in Miami

Buffalo and NYC

Pro Ukraine in South Carolina

France (just one)

A batch from Berlin

One in Geneva

On in London

One by Banksy

Blek in 1983!

NeSpoon in NJ

One in Argentina

One in Brazil

One in Mexico

One from Melbourne