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Thanks so much - Russell

Slide Tour Gets an Upstate Nod

'Stencil Nation' book tour tags the Upstate

Graffiti around the world in a day

By Matt Wake

December 3, 2008
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'Stencil Nation' book tour tags the Upstate

This piece by Minneapolis artist Amy Rice is featured in the book “Stencil Nation,” by Russell Howze. A Greenville native, Howze is touring to promote “Stencil Nation.” The events feature slide presentations of graffiti art featured in the text, with Howze riffing about the style’s virtues and vices. (Credit: Amy Rice)

When: 5 p.m. Dec. 4
The Open Book
110 S. Pleasantburg Drive

When: 7:30 p.m. Dec. 5
The Showroom
149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave.

San Francisco author Russell Howze has found spray paint salvation on Berlin’s Reichstag and on the side of a Clemson apartment building. Launching his Web site, www.stencilarchive.org in 2002, Howze is a noted curator of stencils, a sub-genre of graffiti which utilizes stencils to produce poignant (and expedient) imagery.

His 192-page ode to the form, “Stencil Nation” was published in June. The tome boasts more than 500 full-color photos of works from more than 350 artists hailing from 28 nations. A second printing is already in the works.

“Stencils have a mystery to them,” Howze says. “Most of the people that make them don’t put their name on them, so there’s not much vanity in them. The placement of stencils makes them really interesting.”

Stencil Revolution: Back From the Ashes

(hmmm..... they still appear to be down, but this email just arrived. hope they make it back! - Stencil Archive)

After months being down, and hard work Stencil Revolution is back on our feet. We have set up a multiple server architecture to ensure stability of our systems. This means, local, and remote back ups are done daily, and full site back ups are performed weekly. We won't be going down again, and we won't be taking anymore down time.

We'd simply like to let everyone know we're back up, and we're looking for our members to come back and contribute once again to our site. We have THE LARGEST stencil gallery on the internet, and it continues to grow by the day.

The forums team is looking for candidates to act as moderators, and global administrators. If you're interested please pm Menekali. We're also looking to set up contests, give a ways, and auctions both for SR, and for private members as well. An auctioneer system is in the works at the moment.

The tutorials section is days from being finished, and the infamous, .EPS exchange is in it's final stages of development as well. We're also looking for artists to interview, and are in discussions with JSLV Skateboards for a potential user gallery viewing in Los Angeles California. When the time comes, users will be encouraged to enter their pieces, and eventually have them sent to us, where they can be auctioned off at the gallery, and the proceeds given back to the artist.

Get the word out. You can beat us up, but you can't keep us down.

Giving Stencil Thanks...

Woah, big update today. Uploaded all the stencils I found on the Northeast tour, along with some of the works from the past few months.

This upload is vegan, i.e., turkey free!

On the tour, I shot stencils from:

A heping of artists submissions and other parts of USA:

And seconds of EU stencil works

And extra slices of San Francisco:

And finally, for dessert, a 1970s punk stencil from Sothbys and NYTimes

NFL Football is optional today. I recommend taking a nap..... enjoy.

NE Stencil Nation Tour Pics

SN Art Whino MD
Shane, owner/curator of Art Whino in National Harbor, MD, snapped this pic of me and the crowd during my presentation on Sunday. About 20 people listened to the presentation and many more who dropped by to look at the walls (note the Stencil exhibit on the walls behind the screen) stopped to listen a bit. Sold the most books at Art Whino than anywhere else on the Northeast tour.

Logan Hicks on many walls


EYE TO EYE - invisibleNYC - LES, New York, NY

The first is a show that I curated in New York on the Lower East Side at InvisibleNYC. I know it is late notice, but if you are in town, and have time to stop through, the opening is today (Thursday, November 20tt). The opening starts at 7:00pm and goes to 9pm.

For this show, I picked three great friends who all have a unique style.


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