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Thanks so much - Russell

Giving Stencil Thanks...

Woah, big update today. Uploaded all the stencils I found on the Northeast tour, along with some of the works from the past few months.

This upload is vegan, i.e., turkey free!

On the tour, I shot stencils from:

A heping of artists submissions and other parts of USA:

And seconds of EU stencil works

And extra slices of San Francisco:

And finally, for dessert, a 1970s punk stencil from Sothbys and NYTimes

NFL Football is optional today. I recommend taking a nap..... enjoy.

NE Stencil Nation Tour Pics

SN Art Whino MD
Shane, owner/curator of Art Whino in National Harbor, MD, snapped this pic of me and the crowd during my presentation on Sunday. About 20 people listened to the presentation and many more who dropped by to look at the walls (note the Stencil exhibit on the walls behind the screen) stopped to listen a bit. Sold the most books at Art Whino than anywhere else on the Northeast tour.

Logan Hicks on many walls


EYE TO EYE - invisibleNYC - LES, New York, NY

The first is a show that I curated in New York on the Lower East Side at InvisibleNYC. I know it is late notice, but if you are in town, and have time to stop through, the opening is today (Thursday, November 20tt). The opening starts at 7:00pm and goes to 9pm.

For this show, I picked three great friends who all have a unique style.

Stencil Nation in Philly's City Paper

You can find the original article here. I've found stencils on the streets here, mostly on stickers.

Arts Picks: Books

Russell Howze is takin' it to the streets. Hitting the road this month in support of his summertime release, Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art(Manic D Press), Howze will explore the underground phenomenon of a definitively urban art form: "Stencil art is ... more liberating in comparison to more traditional forms of artistic expression," Howze says. "You can take an image and repeat it all across the world if you want to. You don't have to work on canvas, stay on a gallery wall or paint in a specific location. You can even stencil stickers and mail them out to other people to stick up in other cities." 

Tonight's one-hour presentation will focus on an overview of the art form, verbal and visual, including a slide show, examples of stencil art from around the world and actual cut stencils. In addition, Howze plans to go hunting for some of Philly's own stencil art. "I'm looking forward to wandering some alleys and streets in Philly so I can find some work to put on my Stencil Archive Web site," says Howze. "It'll be good to go back to the source of modern graffiti as we know it, which started in Philly and blew up in NYC soon after. Personally, I think I enjoy discovering it more than anything."


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