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Thanks so much - Russell

Aeroart features Romanian Stencil Movement

The online magazine Aeroart has recently launched it's third issue dedicated to the stencil movement in Romania. It contains pictures from galleries such as Stencil Exhibition and A-camp, but also presents works done by The Orion, Coate Goale, Otaku and many more.

(rapid share will force you to wait about 2 minutes before you can download the file.... good stuff! - Russell)


PROJEKT30: Jan 2009 Exhibition


Projekt30 is taking submissions for our new January 2009 publicly juried exhibition.

We are an artist-run arts organization dedicated to promoting emerging artists. The exhibition will include thirty artists; invitations will be sent to over 30,000 galleries, collectors, and fellow artists.  Visitors have the option of contacting any participating artist with feedback or opportunities. Since 2003 over 200,000 messages have been sent to participating artists.

Regan Tamanui/HA HA: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, OI, Oi exhibit

To coincide with his participation in  the Gallery of Modern Art's exhibition 'Optimism, Contemporary Australia',  you are invited to preview Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, Oi, Oi a solo exhibition by Regan Tamanui

Click here to view

Opening Thursday
13 November 2008, 6–8pm

PIXNIT: In Pursuit of Beauty group exhibit

PIXNIT Productions is pleased to announce the group show In Pursuit of Beauty open now until January 24th, 2009 at Montserrat Gallery in Beverly, MA.

Leonie Bradbury, Curator of the exhibition wrote the following about the exhibition:

In Pursuit of Beauty brings together five artists who examine both the politics and poetics of the beautiful. They are: Julie Chang (San Francisco, CA), Timothy Horn (Melbourne, Australia), PIXNIT (Boston, MA), Tomás Rivas (Santiago, Chile), and Elizabeth Wallace (Boston, MA). This exhibition is inspired by the resurgence of visually sensual work. Unapologetically decorative, ornate, and concerned with elaborate surface detail, each artist explores beauty in their own way.
They are exemplary of a generation of artists who have come into the 21st century art world with a renewed interest in beauty as a tool and a topic of investigation, making it an integral part of their artistic process. These artists utilize rich surface designs to draw the viewer to the work, only to surprise them with seditious content. Their pursuit differs from the classical understanding of beauty as perfectly proportioned and idealized by integrating imperfection rather than excluding it.


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