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Nowhere to Paint, Nowhere to Learn

Nowhere to Paint, Nowhere to Learn (Find Original Article Here)
Posted By: Jason Youmans
07/30/2008 8:00 AM

By cracking down on street art of all sorts, has the city lost a valuable tool in the battle against bad graffiti?

As Monday learned after publishing a recent editorial in defense of graffiti, it seems no one in Victoria likes the lowly tagger. But in a city quick to buff the first sign of unsolicited spray paint from its walls while offering no alternative for budding Banksys* to feed their egos and make their names known, the Garden City is setting itself up for a tourism-dependent town’s worst nightmare—an endless cycle of really crappy graffiti.

Monday recently caught up with a decade-long veteran of the local aerosol art community to talk about the city’s graffiti scene, why there are so many trashy tags and what happens when there’s no place for people to hone their skills without fear of getting cuffed by the cops. For obvious reasons, he wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Rusto—after a paint popular among that set.

Love to Vote

Lois and Clark Present: "LOVE to VOTE"

National political graffiti artist Clark Clark(en) is exhibiting paintings, drawings, and silkscreen monotypes at the Hamilton Fish Branch New York Public Library. "LOVE to VOTE" is an homage to Robert (Clark) Indiana's iconic "Love is God" design that has been parodied and ripped-off frequently in the past forty years.  "All I did was flip the 'L' upside-down and switch-a-roo with the 'V'."  For the past three years Clark(en) stenciled this adaptation across the country. 

MiniGraff Update

Just a quick note to let you know i've just finished some fresh
artwork at the CLOCK HOTEL in Surry Hills, SYDNEY. The artwork is on the ground level & features an abstract forest with little bits & pieces. It looks great & has transformed the space from an office to a lounge room!

If you're in & around MELBOURNE or SYDNEY over the next month, look out for the Running Couple. They're busy running from Koala Kong & trying not to be Chicken Feed!!

Say It, Don't Spray It: Seattle

'Spray It, Don't Say It!'
Saturday, August 9 from 3pm - 9pm

Bherd brings the street into the gallery for this urban street art exhibit.

Live painting will ensue at the artists reception on the 9th.

Featured artists: Jef Aerosol, SouLe*, LittleGirlLost, Cash, Greg Boudreau
DreXel, Asher, MassRad, JoaB and more
Bherd Studios
315 NW 85th Street, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98117

Graffiti Cops a Spray: A1one in Melbourne

Graffiti cops a spray

Fiona Scott-Norman

August 1, 2008

I suppose a time may come when graffiti is as inert and respectable as a David Williamson retrospective, but it's as likely to be in the near future as the Lygon Street Starbucks lasting past the weekend.

As an art form, graffiti has transgression and contention coded into its DNA; it's illegal, it's public, costs a packet to clean up, and it seriously pisses people off.

Dozens More Flicks fm Melbourne Walls, Studios

Off to the collab painting at Stencil Fest, but took time to upload another 150 or so photos from recent wanders through Melbourne. Big thanks to Rone and Wonderlust fm Everfresh for a great bike ride through some lanes that I hadn't seen yet (and the ones that I did).


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