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Thanks so much - Russell

9 Oct Stencil Archive Uploads

Finally caught up on the three month submissions backlog, along with some of my travel photos from the Sustainable Living Roadshow bus tour.


12inchteam from Munich has a new artist archive

BANKSY still does stencils, though his latest installation in NYC may prove otherwise

Penny got up when the second round of the Cans Fest happened in London

after many years of no submissions, TXMX dropped off a pile of his new work

Pure in Australia sent over a few more of his nasty works

Moe from the Sustainable Living Roadshow took some shots from Atlanta, GA

Here are some pics of stencil work from North Cali, mostly Santa Cruz

Finally uploading the stencils that I found while on tour with the Sustainable Living Roadshow in Denver, CO

Moe found some more stencils that helped flesh out my New Orleans, LA archive

Found a heap of stencils while at the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN SLR stop

Chris Carlsson sent some NYC pics over

Snapped these Greenville, SC pics in August

What, two more stencils show up in Utah?

Behold, David Drexler continues to find every last stencil in Madison, WI (and now has started on Milwaukee)

Nils W. knocks out some photo realistic pieces in DC

Moe met and documented Cooper's work in Atlanta, GA

Good to hear from Mathew Curran, who sent three new pieces for his archive

Gurldogg sent a few new ones for his archive

Larry Cyr continues to paint good works

Here's an Obama poster from Soule

X-Sacto cuts another one

A few pics from San Francisco (thanks Laura and Josiah): Hayes ValleyThe Mission, and Valencia St.

Left my camera in Knoxville, TN for the week so will have a small update coming shortly with TN stencils (mighty fine up thataways)

Fm Melbourne: Clamping Down: The Graffiti Prevention Act 2007

Original blog post can be found at Images to Live By

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Australian state of Victoria just can’t make up its mind as to what it thinks about graffiti and street art. On the one hand, it uses images of graffiti and street art to promote tourism, showing images of Melbourne’s laneways (well, Hosier Lane, usually) on television and in its information guides (have a look here). On the other hand - well, it has recently passed a new statute called the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007, which creates a bundle of new criminal offences and gives the police new powers of search, which hardly seems to fit with its marketing of Melbourne as the city of cool street art.

Obama image painted on Republican Club building

Original article is here

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama made an appearance here over the weekend at the campaign headquarters of the Republican Club of Southeast Volusia, or at least his image did.

A likeness of the Illinois senator, in purple spray paint, was stenciled on the front window and outside columns of the Third Avenue headquarters overnight Friday.

Club officials reported the vandalism Saturday morning and told police they would be willing to prosecute the responsible party.

"I think it is some un-American, uninformed and misguided individual," headquarters committee chairman Bob McKeen said.

Fellow Republican supporter Jerry Rowen said his sign promoting the John McCain-Sarah Palin candidacy suffered the same fate.

Final Syndicate Walk for Bay Area Now 5: 4 Oct

Sat, Jul 26 & Oct 4, noon–2:30 pm, Syndicate
A walking tour of sidewalk art installations which nod to the history of labor unions at performing arts venues in San Francisco. This tour will be led by Jessica Tully, Kim Munson and historians from the Labor Archives and Research Center.
Download the tour map
To reserve your place, call 415.978.2787.

3 Oct 08: Work DeJerk in Portland, OR

New Work DeJerk is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! And we are SO excited to share it with YOU!

You know, it was only a year ago that Tiago held his first solo show at Space Monkey, a wonderful-yet-tiny coffee shop all the way out in the Felony Flats area of southeast Portland. Now, a sweet 13 months later, the brand new Work DeJerk is returning to the southeast, and is bigger and better than ever!

This Friday, October 3rd, come on down to Vino Vixens (2929 SE Powell Blvd) and witness Tiago's art occupying the largest space it's ever graced! Bring as many people as you like, because this place is HUGE and the party is F-R-E-E! Music, dancing, schmoozing, and general tom-foolery begin at 8pm and last 'till 2am. There's also pool, darts and, for those of you who don't like socializing but still want to be seen at an opening DeJerk, there's a whole room dedicated to Nintendo 64!

Don't miss this chance to be present for a historical moment in the career DeJerk, and to meet the parents DeJerk, who are visiting all the way from Curitiba, Brazil!

We can't wait to see you there, folks!

PaperMonster Solo Show: Feast

Show info:::
Friday, October 3rd -Oct. 30th
Metropolis Gallery
154 N Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

PaperMonster's upcoming solo show "FEAST" opens this Friday October 3rd at Metropolis Gallery. The show will feature some incredible stencil art pieces. PaperMonster explores the broad and multifaceted spectrum of emotions, from anger and distress to love and desire, and its effects on the intricacies of female facial expressions. His pieces are truly exciting and interactive as the audience can not only take the paintings at face value but dive deeper into exploring the complex stories within. If you are in the PA area it is a show you will definitely not want to miss.

Klutch at Goodfoot

With his latest offering, Planet Of The Kooks, Portland artist Klutch delivers a vision both inspirational and dystopian. Via an installation/mural made entirely from old skateboard decks, Klutch has manifested a world where people's trash has been reclaimed by The Kooks into a space where flocks of birds and birdhouses hover over adobe villages rising from clouds. As protection from evil all are guarded by several primitive masks converted into elaborately decorated surveillance and communication devices.


Stencil Art? Video: SF Stencils

Artist JP Kelly wanders the streets of San Francisco, wondering about stencil art.

Can't embed the video in this post, so you'll have to go to his site and look for the small thumbnail for the video titled "Stencil Art?" A pink text stencil is in the thumbnail.

Stencil Archive gets a cameo, as does long time friend and stencil geek Josiah S.


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