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CSPG: We Shall Not Be Moved exhibit

Boutique; Artist Unknown; Stencil, New York, NY, ca.1983

We Shall Not Be Moved–
International Graphics on Gentrification, Homelessness & Resistance

May 22- June 8, 2008

Opening Celebration:
Thursday May 22, 2008
Wine and Music

1212 Abbott Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291
Open: Thursday-Sunday 2-6pm and Friday June 6th, 2-10pm

May 14 Stencil Archive Update

More stencil photos for you all to check out.

  • Thanks to Apple's Automator app, which makes batch file formatting super easy, I just uploaded all the NYC pics from last year
  • Which means that I created a new Archive for sti(c)kman
  • And the Graffiti Research Labs at Eyebeam
  • Also got to post a new archive (of NYC pics) from Blek
  • Here are a few from SWOON too
  • Penny dropped of some Cans Fest pics
  • KVLR from Ireland gets a new archive
  • Scott Williams let me photograph some fresh, insane cut-outs
  • Here is the round up for the May Day marches in SF

Singles and small batches from

Creeping towards 10K! (this upload supported by Sonny Rollins, Money Mark, and Automator)

PS: re: the spam comments in the Archive/Gallery.... the admin is working on it (slowly). I'm aware of all the comment spam, and he knows what needs to be done. We have added spam filters on the rest of the site recently, so Gallery relief is on the way.

Tehran Sticker Combo: Call for Stickers

Tehran sticker Combo Will be the Project for late july 2008 in tehran -IRAN
The project will be in two divided parts Indoor combo board and Outdoor Bombin' the urban sildwalks .

All Street Artists Around the world are welcomed to support the Event with sending their hand made / Printed stickers for the combo.

-Send as much as you can.

Last Call for Melbourne Stencil Festival Poster Contest

Stencil Festival is calling upon artists to submit one artwork into the MSF 2008 poster competition.

Short-listed works will be exhibited from 30 May - 8 June at the Famous When Dead gallery space in Melbourne and online on this website.


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