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No hefty price tag for ignoring S.F. graffiti

No hefty price tag for ignoring S.F. graffiti

Original SF Chronicle Article

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Francisco officials have made graffiti cleanup a crusade over the past few years, pushing for the prosecution of vandals and fighting to hold private citizens accountable for tagging on their properties.

But a lack of money to pay city lawyers to go after the property owners has hobbled a much-touted anti-graffiti law, several members of the city's graffiti advisory board say.

3/13:Stencil Hixtory X Show @ Inoperable, Vienna

Gallery and Specialty Items Shop
Lindengasse 4/1a
a-1070 Vienna, Austria


13th of March - 11th of April 2008

With : DNM (AU), Die Made (AU), Broken Crow (US), Sten (IT), Orticanoodles (IT), Btoy (SP), Alto*Contraste (BR), Kostar (BEL), C215 (FR), Janaundjs - Isbach (FR), Artiste-Ouvrier (FR), Mosko et Associés (FR), EZP (FR), Epsylon Point (FR), Spliff Gachette (FR), Pixal Parazit (FR), Sadhu (FR), YZ Open Your Eyes (FR), Stew (FR), SPizz (FR, Spadge (FR)


Nomadaz, LA Exhibit

Wow, a car company has a 4500 sq. foot art gallery in LA.......

"Nomadaz", a Mediterranean Art Connection.

A show curated by Pablo Aravena (NEXT) at Scion Gallery in Los Angeles.

Featured artists:
From Italy: Bo130, Microbo, 108, Dem
From Spain: El Equipo Plastico (Nuria Mora, Sixe, Nano4814 and Eltono)

March 8 - March 29, 2008

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 8th | 7-10pm
DJ / Open Bar / Free Valet Parking

Spring Forward with New Stencil Flix

Got a steady stream of submissions over the past few weeks... THANKS! From Hawaii to France to Australia, Stencil Nation represents....

Just hit 8800 with this batch. Yeee haw (sorry, listening to bluegrass on the net radio)....

JustSeeds Update


We're starting to feel spring coming along, and itching to get outside. Sometimes it's hard to stay inspired during the winter months and keep creating, but thankfully there's enough of us here to keep churning out the art.

The blog is still chugging along, and we're working hard to make it a destination for anyone wanting to read about the intersection of art and politics.

Major San Francisco Archives Update

At long last, all the San Francisco backlog is now online. New archives have been created. The Strangers and Claire posed major issues for my current organizational skills, but I think I have weeded out most of the loose ends and duplicate photos. Since I photograph stencils at a higher resolution, I decided to make low resolution versions of all the files. This created quicker upload times, and allowed me to do all of this in one day.

Still have backlog for other archives, but nothing as out of control as my San Francisco pile was.

8600+ photos and counting, so start clicking!

I went through the SF archives and moved items around, deleted a few duplicates, etc. So if you're missing your favorite stencil pic, it may be somewhere else. Search for it if you can remember the filename.

Pure Evil updates

'BUNNYFINGERS' PURE EVIL PRINT http://www.pureevilclothing.com/bunnyprint.html

... is OUT NOW .. I've been up to the PRINT CLUB LONDON ( http://www.printclublondon.com ) doing some screenprinting on old childrens books and statute paper from the 1700's... Thanks guys.. that place rocks.


... all the art in the gallery has been put online, including some LOVELY and slightly off-kilter new illustrations by Joanna Imrie in fancy gold frames we salvaged from the Dorchester Hotel.. go HERE for images and illumination ... http://www.pureevilclothing.com/galleryartists.html

and for a preview image of the :


... beneath the streets at the PURE EVIL GALLERY I've been renovating 3 rooms which will make a new floor of fun for exhibitions and lowkey events... watch this space for more information... shows are being planned with the 1980 Crew Paris, Deadbeat Donny and a solo show by Italian Stencil artist STEN.

Solo Show / Expo Perso JEF AEROSOL

Solo Show / Expo Perso JEF AEROSOL

2 rue de la halle - Lille (France)
tel 03 20 55 80 27

opening / vernissage : jeudi 6 mars 18h / 21h (ouvert à tous)

(photo : stencil on wall + stencil on canvas, Islington Arts Factory, London)



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