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Thanks so much - Russell

The Babylon Academy: Berlin Exhibit

 the Babylon Academy at Tacheles...

Street Art, Pop Art, Sculptures and Bond Villain von Jason Atomic, Dr.D, Pure Evil, Manuel, Duboe, Goldie, Marc Hughes, Brian Jones, L.E.T., Mantis, Ryca, S.editions, David Walker

13.-26.6.08, Di-Sa 10-18 Uhr
Neue Galerie, 4./5.OG

arthouse tacheles
10117 berlin


Stencils and Reverse Graffiti (Video)

Found out about this video a while ago and chose not to watch it because it was a product-corporate sponsored piece. Since then, at least three people on my travels have asked me if I knew about this video. So I watched it tonight and must admit that Moose's work is pretty damn interesting. So here it is for all who haven't seen it yet to enjoy.

Tak a Deep Breath in LA, CA

Carmichael Gallery Presents


Featuring New Works by Asbestos, Cherri Wood, The Dark, Kngee, and Know Hope
Opening Reception: Saturday June 21, 2008, 8PM – Midnight

1257 N. La Brea Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90038

Exhibition Dates: June 21 – July 20, 2008


Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce TAKE A DEEP BREATH, a group exhibition featuring new artworks by Asbestos, Cherri Wood, The Dark, Kngee and Know Hope. While their methods of composition are as different as the cities they call home, the artists align to confront innocence, iniquity, alienation, and personal and urban neglect. Artwork on display will comprise of a wide source of media, including hyper-realistic stencils, intricate three-dimensional cardboard works, large-scale photographs, oil pastel drawings, mixed media collages, and raspberry-infused watercolors on paper and canvas. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 21, from 8PM – Midnight, and is sponsored by ALARM Magazine and Imeem. The Dark, Kngee, and Know Hope will be in attendance.

Stencil Nation Tour In Progress

Heya all. If you aren't lurking over at my blog sites, I'm posting stories and tales while on the road.

You can catch my posts at HappyFeetTravels.org on on my MySpace page. Hope to throw up photos too if time permits.

Lots of stencil goodness so far. Word to Genuis and Pochoir Filla in Eugene and props to Tiago, Kim, and Klutch here in Portland. Many other artists coming out and saying hi too.

Loving it!

Pre Tour Stencil Uploads

Is it really this late? Have I eaten dinner yet? Wait, it's breakfast time!

On the road after this upload. Enjoy and look for fun stuff from the tour.

  • ASA in Hamburg represents
  • Arnaud Crassat contacted me and submitted work for a new archive
  • More work from Funk25
  • MO-PI sent over a few more from France
  • TXMX in Hamburg sent a huge batch this round. New archives for

Off to Eugene and beyond........



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