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Thanks so much - Russell

StencilNation.org is Live!

The website for the book "Stencil Nation: Graffitit, Community, and Art" is up and online. Thanks to Antonio for all his time, skills, effort, as well as his initial offer to make this great site. It wouldn't have happened without his amazing Flash goodness. Some things can do on the new site: order an autographed copy the book (ships in June), check out page samples and photos, read news about the book, etc.

I had initially wanted to add a lot more information about the book on the site, but the effort to create the site was hard enough. If you have art in the book, want a link, then I can add that. But all photos will go here on Stencil Archive. I hope to publish all the photos that didn't make it in the book. So many! So hard to choose at times.

There's cool animation on the site, but if you can't handle the Flash, go here for a good ole' blog page of info.

You can also check out the book's MySpace page and Flickr page for extra fun too.

The book will be out in June. I'll post more news here in the coming weeks.

Stencil Nation, Janet Attard at Pages Books, Toronto

A Stencil Nation display at Pages Books and Magazines
June 1 to June 20 2008.

A colourful art display, in Pages Art Window of bicycle stencils, to celebrate the book release of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art.
Stencil Nation features stencils by Janet Attard - Janet Bike Girl and photo documentation by Martin Reis.

Pages Books and Magazines, Art Window
256 Queen St West
Toronto, Canada M5V 1Z8

This event is also part of Bike Month in Toronto, Canada.

PIXNIT: Best of Boston

The Phoenix has released their 2008 Best of Boston Poll and PIXNT has been named the Best of Boston Arts Graffiti/Street Performance Artist. Thank you to all who voted! You can check out the article at the following link and see the printed version in The Phoenix, out today.


Chris Stain, Josh MacPhee: Threat of Chance Exhibit

The threat of chance art exposition is based on the temptation of possibility. The possibility of change in the face of stagnation, the possibility of hope in desperate times, the possibility of alternative thought and lifestyle in the doldrums of complacency.

For this installation a railroad shanty town has been recreated to further emphasis the struggle between hope and despair. Amidst a gallery filled of shacks made with found material and walls decorated with freight trains and decaying industry you will find photographs by boxcar culture enthusiast the Polaroid Kidd. Proletarian signs, flags, prints, and banners from author/activist Josh Macphee. Interactive sculptures, drawings, paintings and stencils, from graffiti artist Billy Mode, and the sociological display of hand cut stencils by Chris Stain. The Threat of Chance art exposition is pure socialist propaganda, (at least that's how the mainstream will see it) , so stop by opening night and they'll tear you a new asshole.

-pollock johnny

for more info visit www.adhocart.org

Mini Graff Solo Exhibit

Just a quick note to say hi & let you know I have a solo exhibition happening at The Art Traders.

It's called Welcome to my Neighbourhood.

'Inspired by the local characters in her neighbuorhood – Darlinghurst – Wendy Murray introduces her vision of the people and places which define her ‘hood, with a freshness and sweetness, not often associated with grunge, grime and anonymity of the inner city' - Fiona McIntosh, The Art Traders

The show includes all original artwork, including silkscreen works and delicate cast-plaster compositions.

The show runs until 26 April 2008 - still plenty of time to check it out!

Over the past few months I have completed several independent art projects, commissions and workshops, including a stencil art workshop at the MCA.

I have also collaborated with many folks including Daisy Linhares of LA based Bread and Butter, The Darlo Bar, Little Joe by Gail Elliott, Lisa Ho, LOVE#3 Cafe and David Jones. Check out some of these projects & more atwww.wendymurray.com.au

Thanks for your continued support!
Kind regards
Wendy Murray aka Mini Graff

Wendy Murray's solo exhibition Welcome to my Neighbourhood at The Art Traders www.thearttraders.com.au
2 – 26 April, 2008

Janet Attard in BikeXPERIENCE Exhibit: May 2/3

BikeXPERIENCE SLO Opening Reception Friday May 2 during Art after Dark 6-9:00

BikeXPERIENCE Atascadero Opening Reception Saturday May 3 6:00-9:00

Portions of the sold art go to benefit the SLO County Bicycle Coalition.

Last year we raised $1000 dollars and only had it for 2 weeks. This year we have two galleries for the wnole month. We will have events at both the galleries all month long so I hope to double our fund raising.

Go here for up to date information as it happens: http://rideshare.org/cm/bike/bikemonth08home.html

9,025 Stencil Archive Uploads, Weblinks added

Pushing 10K pics! How about that? Just in time to start promoting Stencil Nation, which goes to press this week. How about that? Ah, April goodness. Tonight's uploads supported by classical Persian music (go Iran!), Secret Chiefs 3, and my roomies' nice offering of food just at the right moment.


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