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April 23 Stencil Archive Update

Lots of single and double submissions this week. Let's call it a shallow pool of deep quality works!

  • Eclaricuda Bandersnitch keeps cranking out the street work. I'm having problems keeping up!
  • Here's a batch of work from recent Chinese torch protests here in SF
  • Arno R. dropped some great street work from Graz, AT
  • Penny said hello and gets an Artist Archive in the EU section
  • Here are my Sunday photos of the Saturday SF Bicycle Coalition's Crater Invaders project (chalk paint was holding up)
  • Judy submitted two stencils from Jerusalem, IL
  • Bryn sent some pics from Santa Cruz, CA

Singles and Doubles from

This update is fueled by hot mate and the warm sounds of WFMU's Antique Phonograph Show podcasts (love those laughing songs!)........ N JOI!



5/3: PIXNIT's new Boston Exhibit

Judi Rotenberg Gallery LLC
May 3rd- June 1st 2008
Opening May 3rd, 5pm- 7pm
130 Newbury St.
Boston, MA USA 02116

PIXNIT Productions is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, "Hello my name is PIXNIT" at Judi Rotenberg Gallery in Boston. This site-specific installation is on view May 3rd- June 1st.

Embracing the contradictions in our contemporary celebration of Graffiti and Street Art, PIXNIT works synergistically as a street artist who illegally stencils work in public places, and as a gallery artist who exhibits commissioned work in commercial and institutional spaces. The name PIXNIT is derived from the Latin word pinxit, often included in the signature of paintings from the 1800’s, meaning she/he painted this work. For this artist, the identity PIXNIT functions as both a veil of anonymity as well as a means to name a finite body of work.

In her new exhibition titled, “Hello my name is PIXNIT,” the artist presents a pictorial space where architecture is flattened and painting becomes three-dimensional. PIXNIT integrates her signature-stenciled wall paintings with mixed media sculpture and dimensional painting, creating an opportunity for interaction, as well as invitation to physically navigate around the various sites in the show. Overall, the exhibition is an installation that negotiates space and plays with the expectations of the viewer.

WACTAC Broken Crow Interview (Video)

The Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (WACTAC) has started to do a series of interviews that feature Twin Cities artists in their studios. One of our first interviews is with stencil artist extrodinaire Broken Crow. Thought you be interested in checking it out. (Link to WACTAC)

StencilNation.org is Live!

The website for the book "Stencil Nation: Graffitit, Community, and Art" is up and online. Thanks to Antonio for all his time, skills, effort, as well as his initial offer to make this great site. It wouldn't have happened without his amazing Flash goodness. Some things can do on the new site: order an autographed copy the book (ships in June), check out page samples and photos, read news about the book, etc.

I had initially wanted to add a lot more information about the book on the site, but the effort to create the site was hard enough. If you have art in the book, want a link, then I can add that. But all photos will go here on Stencil Archive. I hope to publish all the photos that didn't make it in the book. So many! So hard to choose at times.

There's cool animation on the site, but if you can't handle the Flash, go here for a good ole' blog page of info.

You can also check out the book's MySpace page and Flickr page for extra fun too.

The book will be out in June. I'll post more news here in the coming weeks.

Stencil Nation, Janet Attard at Pages Books, Toronto

A Stencil Nation display at Pages Books and Magazines
June 1 to June 20 2008.

A colourful art display, in Pages Art Window of bicycle stencils, to celebrate the book release of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art.
Stencil Nation features stencils by Janet Attard - Janet Bike Girl and photo documentation by Martin Reis.

Pages Books and Magazines, Art Window
256 Queen St West
Toronto, Canada M5V 1Z8

This event is also part of Bike Month in Toronto, Canada.

PIXNIT: Best of Boston

The Phoenix has released their 2008 Best of Boston Poll and PIXNT has been named the Best of Boston Arts Graffiti/Street Performance Artist. Thank you to all who voted! You can check out the article at the following link and see the printed version in The Phoenix, out today.



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