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Thanks so much - Russell

Adam5100 Spark Segment On TV Again

Hi everybody,

just wanted to put it out there, that my segment on Spark(a tv show) will be airing again on Wed., Sept. 19 at 7:30 pm...its on PBS, KQED channel 9....for those of you out side of the bay area it can be watched at anytime Here...and please no jokes about the picture, I know it looks like I'm sneezing.

with all of you in mind

Alfonso Cuaron Utilizing Stencil-Style Animations (Video)

Alfonso Cuarón directed a short film for Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" promotions, using effective stencil animations in the piece. Since I appreciate all the works of Cuarón and Klein, I thought that I'd pass along the link to watch the video. Concept, art, and animations was provided by ad house Foreign Office.

Fresh Stencil Photos for Early Sept.

Just got most of the playa dust out of my things, and have a bunch of recent submissions to add to some personal photos:

Once again, Black Rock City (aka Burning Man) did not disappoint with stencil art and graffiti

My research for Stencil Nation led me to Leland Rice's photos of 1980s Berlin Wall stencil art.

Got a recent huge submission from Madison, WI

Julie Sheils in Australia sent some of her photos over, explaining that "the work also mimics the conventions of advertising by using computer generated text and inserted into public places. The fonts suggest corporate branding and it is only at a second glance that the content emerges. These interventions hopefully disrupt the viewer’s acceptance of commercial interests as 'ordinary' in the natural order of the urban landscape."

Shlomo Faber in Germany also sent some of his art over, writing that "in my eyes stencils are less spontaneous.... the work [a fake DB logo on a Slovenian train] was a bit about globalization."

DRL in LA has sent three more new pieces.

BBC updated their archive recently too.

Finally, a brief SF update, with a few stencils that respond to the continuing condo-fication of my Mission District neighborhood.

enjoy, dust free!

PS: Updated Links: have added new artist links in the artists category, as well as a new "Gallery & Gatherings" category.

New Logan Hicks (Videos)

I added a new batch of Videos to YouTube and my blog LoganHicks.com. Over the past year, I have been video taping various events, but I have neglected to upload them the internet. Doesn't do much good if you
don't get a chance to see them, so I finally got off of my ass and uploaded these mother suckers. This is my first crack at video editing, so enjoy the fumblings of a novice video jockey.
Here are the videos and the URLs:

Logan Hicks installing art at BLVD

Logan Hicks in South Africa

Stencil Artists Represent at Nuart Festival, Sep. 6

The Nuart Festival was initiated in 2001 and follows the ethos behind the Nu teams desire to provide a regional annual platform for national and international artists who operate outside of traditional gallery systems.The event aims to stimulate debate by challenging entrenched notions of what art is and can be by celebrating the production of progressive contemporary urban art and street culture in the 21st century.

Nuart 2007 is our most ambitious yet, a truly international line up of artists have been invited to Stavanger to produce what promises to be one of the years most outstanding “urban art” events. From legendary and much respected pioneers such as Blek Le Rat and Charles Krafft to relative newcomers Slinkachu and Wordtomother, Nuart 07 explodes across mediums and the city from the central show based this year at Stavanger’s main Museum of Fine arts, Rogaland Kunstmuseum.

Visiting Artists include


Final Call for Submissions to Stencil Nation

heya stencil citizens,

So the deadline for submissions looms, and I just went through my personal photo archive. Many sections of my book are overflowing with great photos. Many thanks to those of you who sent me some great photographs. I hope to get as many of them in the book as possible.

Many of the categories I sent the call out for are full. I've also come up dry on a few topics that I want to include in the book.

Maybe you all can help out.

What I still need:
1. photos of people in a class learning/doing stencil art, teachers teaching stencil art, etc.
2. photos of stencils on gallery walls
3. beginner photos (no one has stepped up to represent the newbies)
4. Top 5 How To tips (short and concise) to make a great stencil
5. Any historical photos from before 1990 (have a few artists representing, but nothing from the late 1970s protest movements that used stencils)
6. Photos from Oaxaca, Mexico

If you have any photos, or a Top 5 How To, please send it over as soon as you can.

contact me at stencilnationbook[at]stencilarchive[dot]org for uploading instructions. Please only submit no more than two images per category.

Thanks to everyone who's tried to plow through the long call I sent out a while back!


Bikes and Stencils, a Perfect Match

Janet Attard
By Sarah J. Hamilton
Photography: Janet Attard
Go here for original Momentum magazine article

Toronto-based artist Janet Attard (a.k.a. “Janet Bike Girl”) didn’t expect to forge a career out of bicycle stencilling. Attard worked for textile-industry giant Brunschwig & Fils in the mid-1990s, and immersion in the graphic artistry of textiles cultivated her eye for stencilling. What began as a stencil side project (“the bicycle concept”) eventually became her full-time passion. “It’s funny. It seemed like a limited concept at the time, but the more I get into it, the more I realize how limitless it could become,” Attard tells me in her downtown studio at Spadina and Richmond.

Graffiti fans scorn cove cleanup efforts

Jonathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, August 3, 2007
Original article with photos

Warm Water Cove is a park on the southern waterfront of San Francisco that doesn't get much traffic from tourists, or even San Franciscans. It does have a devoted group of regulars, however - dog walkers, musicians who enjoy the acoustics, and graffiti artists who have transformed walls into a cacophony of scribblings and images.


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