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Thanks so much - Russell

Splasher Manifesto PDF Download

From the NY Times article:

Two days after Mr. Cooper’s arrest, a group of people showed up at the
Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, where a reception was being held
for Mr. Fairey. Without identifying themselves, they distributed copies
of a 16-page tabloid with the title “If we did it this is how it
would’ve happened,” with a cover photograph of an image created by Mr.
Fairey defaced with paint.

As Street Art Goes Commercial, a Resistance Raises a Real Stink

From the NY Times (Subscription needed)
June 28, 2007

The covert campaign targeting street art began about seven months ago, with blobs of paint that appeared overnight, obscuring murals and wheat-pasted art on walls in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Arcane messages were pasted at the sites, but it was difficult to ask for an explanation. The author was never identified.

Jeremy Sparig for The New York Times

James Cooper after his arrest. He has been charged with arson.

Early Summer Stencil Uploads

Just in time for those brightly-lit evenings:

A pile of submissions and uploads from the Middle East (West Asia):
Chris sent some great photos from Istanbul, Turkey
a1one beefed up his archive via Iran
Here's another batch I shot in Tel Aviv, Israel

Another batch of my own photos from London and the final batch from Portland, OR

Here's some backlogged photos of mine from the Mission District in San Francisco.

Finally, some more single and double submissions:
Bryn sent some from Northern California (with a few of mine thrown in too).
He also sent one from France
Singles from Wisconsin and the most-creative DRL in LA.

Have a great summer. Do something radical on July 4 this year: avoid the war-worship and enjoy something different if you can.


Stickers and Stencils at Space Gallery, San Francisco

Its the mysterious artwork of the anonymous - on the sidewalks, lamp posts, bus stops...everywhere. It appears from the shadows and conveys messages political, satirical, ironic, whimsical - and above all temporary. And on June 22nd, it hits the gallery walls.

Join us by contributing to this unique and fun exhibit of unsung artworks.

Stencil Artists - RSVP to drop by and spray your designs directly onto the gallery walls in the days prior to the 22nd.

Sticker Artists - Send your works, as many as you can, with any information you wish to add to Space Gallery - 1141 Polk St, SF CA 94109 or drop them off in person at any time.

For more info or to RSVP contact: raym@spacegallerysf.com.
Space Gallery

June 22nd


Robots Will Kill
Buff Monster
Robbie Conal
Skott Cowgill
Monkeys with Human Haircuts
and hundreds more....

Music by CB Records

NJ Graff Show: Art All Night, Bring One Piece

This weekend is Art all night in Trenton, EVERYONE bring one piece!
Things are cool..I now have the New Jersey Graffiti Festival pretty much iorned out..For more info check out my site or JerseyGraf.com
New! pieces in the my art section at /www.leonrainbow.com
All the date and times are below! It's great weather to paint so if you have a project idea or piece, Get at me. Thanks Leon

June 15 Archive Updates

Here we go with super sunny weather scoops of stencil flavas:

Mood of Collapse in Scotland sent over a batch of stencils for a new archive.

Weekhoorn in Belgium started an archive as well.

More of my photos from London, along with some photos of work by Faile.

DRL sent some more photos for his archive.

Some fresh photos of my trip up to Sonoma, CA for the Harmony Festival.

Singles and doubles from:

My friend Chris caught these stencils in Berlin.

Got two fun stencils from Arizona.

Adam5100 sent a first piece photo from his new studio.

Would you like syrup on those scoops???

Lost Graffiti Dissertation FOUND!

After being lost in an old mail folder, I finally found Steve Paynter's
great dissertation "Subversion of Public Space." He gave me the paper
in 2005, so I'm glad that I can put it up for you all to enjoy. Go here to download the PDF file, read, and discuss.

Apologies to Steve for waiting so long to post this.

Call for New Jersey Graffiti Artists

We're looking for smaller pieces from individuals 8x10, 12x 16, etc..
Would like to encourage larger collaborative pieces for crews, would love some model trains, or die cast trucks or sculpture. This exhibit is for all jersey heads so if you are or think someone should be in this exhibit, Get Involved!
All submissions by Friday, July 7th.

Call for Pictures:

Be a part of this exhibit if you have pictures (4” x 6” only) of graffiti in the “Garden State” send them in and they will be displayed as part of the exhibit. Feel free to include copyright info. Please send copies because the picture will be archived after the exhibit (you wont get them back).

Mail flics to or CD's: Leon Rainbow, c/o Artworks,19 Everett Aly,Trenton, NJ 08611 or email either a link or (1-2 at a time) print quality pictures to leon.rainbow@gmail.com

Call for Street Art/ Graffiti Art Films:
3rd Annual Street Art Film Festival

Open submissions to filmmakers world wide curated by http://albuscav.us/filmfest/
For submissions albuscavus@gmail.com
Friday, August 17
Time and Venue (To be Announced)
Drop-Off Sites:


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