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Thanks so much - Russell

Fresh Uploads for April Diversions

Wot? Taxes? War funding? Fear not, and blow it all off by checking out these fresh photos from around the world:

Super fresh stencils from the heart of Jerusalem

Molly just submitted fresh art from Madison, WI

Had DK from North Cali on the backlog from before the trip (thanks for your patience)

Still uploading my backlog from NYC and will be done soon!

Smaller uploads from Uruguay, North Cali, Iowa, and the Mission District here in San Francisco.

Say no to Uncle Sam and YES to Stencil Archive!!!!

Peat up at Hotel des Arts, SF

Hola muchachos y muchachas...

I just got back from painting my room at the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco and I thought you would like to see it...CASA DEL LUCHADOR

These are from my Luchador (Mexican Wrestler) series.

Also, help support my stencil habit and buy stuff.
this latest will be added to the DVD.

much peace,

P.S. Look out for my Artist Designed Mountain Dew Can coming out in JUNE 2007!!!

Defacer With Mystery Agenda Is Attacking Street Art

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

The evidence is the bright green and purple splashes of paint that
began appearing on walls in Brooklyn and Manhattan more than a month
ago. The carefully aimed blobs obscured or disfigured dozens of pieces
of street art created by people who may not be household names, but who
have achieved the esteem of peers and some recognition from the
mainstream art world. The targets of the paint attacks have included
posters, paper cutouts pasted on walls, and images stenciled on the
sides of buildings.

Feb. 27, 2007 Stencil Archive Update

One more photo upload before I catch a jet outta this crazy country!

Lumi, from Northern California, sent three submissions recently.

Another batch of my photos from last year's NYC trip.

Two grabs for the media section, one being a 1940s stenciled Nazi sign.

Stuff from San Francisco:
A batch from the Mission District.

Some photos from SoMa and the Hotel Des Arts.

A few from Valencia St. and a other locales.

Enjoy & look for more next month!

KiM in 3 More Shows!

!!! Hey All !!!
I thought I'd send everyone a list of my upcoming shows if anybody can make it that would be great (all current shows are running the full month listed). Thanks to all for your support in the past; the show at the Shearwater Gallery in Seaside, OR will be the last one on the coast as we're moving to Seattle soon! Yeah!

Thanks again -KiM McCarthy

Visit my website soule5675.mosaicglobe.com/


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