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Thanks so much - Russell

Scott Williams Art Featured in "Strange Culture" Doc

Just caught the documentary, Strange Culture, and was happy to see a whole scene filmed in the San Francisco Art Institute's 2005 Scott Williams exhibit. I the credits to see if they mentioned him, and, sure enough, his name flashed on the screen.

Amazing to see his pieces so large and vibrant in the dark Castro Theater.

For those of you who have never heard of the Critical Art Ensemble, and the tragedy that befell two of it's members, go here. The battle of art against big brother continues, and Strange Culture finally gives voice to the scary situation here in the US.

Hi there from PURE EVIL ...

I have been asked to take over at BEAUTIFUL CRIME , and so I have invited a DIRTY DOZEN of new artists on the site.. We thought it was time to step things up a notch and also to get something NEW and DYNAMIC going on.. As it is going with artists this might turn out to be the DIRTY SIXTEEN or the DIRTY TWENTY FOUR we'll see...

Adam5100 on Spark

Great profile for Adam5100 on Spark's website. There is also a great PDF link for an education guide on stencil art on that page.

"Introduce students to the history of graffiti and stenciling. This Educator Guide discusses Aboriginal art practices and includes hands-on activities related to political printmaking and a critical writing assignment."

Spark airs tomorrow, Wed. April 18 @ 7:30pm (with another viewing later in the week).

TAX DAY Stencil Archive uploads

Absolute LAST day to do taxes here in USA. So why not protest the war machine one last financial time with the freshest uploads from around the world:

New Artists Archives, and updates, from DK, DRL, Rolf Scheve (NL), and Joana (PT).

More submissions from Wisconsin, NYC, and a one-off from Opus in Toronto.

Fresh travel photos from London, and Israel.

A few from Haight St. here in San Francisco for good tax-resisting measure!

53% of each American's tax dollars goes to the Pentagon and its war machine. This DOESN'T include the extra funding for Iraq and Afghanistan (which is about $100 billion a year extra!).

Janet Bike Girl in Time's Up! Benefit Show

Exhibition Dates: March 24-May 5, Thurs-Sat, Noon-6 pm
Protest Space, 511 West 20th Street at 10th Ave

Protest Space is hosting an exciting art show benefit for Time's Up! featuring environmentally-themed pieces from local artists, activists, and cyclists. Don't forget to tell your friends, come to the show, and buy some great art for a great cause!


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