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Thanks so much - Russell

12/24/2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

A holiday gift for your stencil jones.

Ran into Andrew Cotton on the streets of SoHo in New York City this November. He was nice enough to let me shoot his canvases that were for sale.

More fun photos arrived from Popayan in Columbia, South America.

DSF submitted a couple of new photos from their work in Costa Rica, and also sent some other Costa Rican pieces along with them.

Found this Oaxacan photo off of the Chiapas IMC site.

The Scott Williams show photos are all uploaded.

Got a submission from Oregon and think that it is a Silly Pink Bunnies stencil.

Finally, moved a few photos into the Stencils in Media archive, and added one from the Drudge Report's Xmas "card."

Hope you liked your presents!

::: Russell :::

Scott Williams Uploads Continue

Stencil Archive continues to upload our photos from Scott Williams' current "In Maybelle's Bedroom" show.

You can also view photos from his newest one-of-a-kind book project, "Collect Call From the Spirit World," a collaboration with Dana Smith.

For more views and information on Scott's one-of-a-kind books, Booklyn has set up a page.

Justseeds in Peril

Justseeds.org [strong supporter of the stencil arts] needs your help!

1. Last week the company that was filling Justseeds' online orders (including hosting the webstore, processing payments, and shipping products), unexpectedly went bankrupt, immediately shutting down Justseeds' online store. This was a complete shock to me, as the fulfillment company was going through a transition of ownership, but no one had mentioned the possibility of collapse or bankruptcy. On top of shutting down distribution, the fulfillment house owed Justseeds upwards of $10,000 (most of that money in turn was owed directly to artists and zinesters who sold items on the site).

12/19/2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

This week's uploads, fresh off of my queue folder. Give the gift that gives and gives: stencil art.....

Scott Williams had a salon show over on 24th St. here in the Mission District. More photos of "In Maybelle's Bedroom" coming soon.

FKDL from Paris sent a batch for his own archive.

Still working on the New York City backlog postings. Dozens more to post still.

Caught a few Tiki Jay posters on my last trip to NYC.

Single and double submissions from Germbot (CA), BRYN K9, WRUN, the states of Virginia, and Vermont

Dassit for this week!

12/12/2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

Whoa. Too long to be away. Have many more to post and will get to them ASAP! To the submitters, thanks for your patience on this one-man Stencil blog.

S3R in Maryland, USA sent me a batch to post.

Alone/A1one in Iran sent a few more for his archive.

Costa Rica (CR) represents with the DSF Crew and a few true graff pieces from other folks in CR.

Got a new batch from Berlin, DE to drop in that archive.

INS in the new nation state of Montenegro dropped off a new one.

A few from Toronto, CA, as well as some singles from Florida and Australia.

Finally got all the Chicago, IL pics up, including the ones from my November visit.



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