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Thanks so much - Russell

Final Call for Submissions to Stencil Nation

heya stencil citizens,

So the deadline for submissions looms, and I just went through my personal photo archive. Many sections of my book are overflowing with great photos. Many thanks to those of you who sent me some great photographs. I hope to get as many of them in the book as possible.

Many of the categories I sent the call out for are full. I've also come up dry on a few topics that I want to include in the book.

Maybe you all can help out.

What I still need:
1. photos of people in a class learning/doing stencil art, teachers teaching stencil art, etc.
2. photos of stencils on gallery walls
3. beginner photos (no one has stepped up to represent the newbies)
4. Top 5 How To tips (short and concise) to make a great stencil
5. Any historical photos from before 1990 (have a few artists representing, but nothing from the late 1970s protest movements that used stencils)
6. Photos from Oaxaca, Mexico

If you have any photos, or a Top 5 How To, please send it over as soon as you can.

contact me at stencilnationbook[at]stencilarchive[dot]org for uploading instructions. Please only submit no more than two images per category.

Thanks to everyone who's tried to plow through the long call I sent out a while back!


Bikes and Stencils, a Perfect Match

Janet Attard
By Sarah J. Hamilton
Photography: Janet Attard
Go here for original Momentum magazine article

Toronto-based artist Janet Attard (a.k.a. “Janet Bike Girl”) didn’t expect to forge a career out of bicycle stencilling. Attard worked for textile-industry giant Brunschwig & Fils in the mid-1990s, and immersion in the graphic artistry of textiles cultivated her eye for stencilling. What began as a stencil side project (“the bicycle concept”) eventually became her full-time passion. “It’s funny. It seemed like a limited concept at the time, but the more I get into it, the more I realize how limitless it could become,” Attard tells me in her downtown studio at Spadina and Richmond.

Graffiti fans scorn cove cleanup efforts

Jonathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, August 3, 2007
Original article with photos

Warm Water Cove is a park on the southern waterfront of San Francisco that doesn't get much traffic from tourists, or even San Franciscans. It does have a devoted group of regulars, however - dog walkers, musicians who enjoy the acoustics, and graffiti artists who have transformed walls into a cacophony of scribblings and images.

Large Stencil Archive Update for Aug. 1

Whew. Getting a bit behind on the ole' Stencil Archive. Too much going on, but I haven't forgotten you all!

Maya has been filling up the submissions inbox with many great photos from the difusor meeting in Barcelona. More to download and process, so for now, enjoy these new Archives:


bandint and machina
dildo society
fremantle and sten

New Archives and multiple submissions from:

the strangers and their "She Loves the Moon" stencil story.
Basel photos from pixnit's show
A new Iranian archive from artist Ck1
New photos from bbc in Germany
Pulled some more great stencil photos from IMC's coverage of Oaxaca's resistance movement.
New photos from Artful Dodger

Single and Double submissions from:

Madison, WI
Minneapolis, MN
a bike stencil from Portland, OR
a Texas submission from Vacant Artistry

click away and have a great month.

Peat, a Stencilbilly, and a Corporation (Video)

Guilt-ridden plug for a soft drink I don't endorse, but man is Peat Wollager's video funny as hell or what? I grew up with real hillbilly's so this is a gut-buster, I tell you what.....

You may of heard this Spring/Summer I collaborated with Mountain Dew on a Limited Edition Bottle.

Well...they also had me create a Stencil Video inspired by the design.

Peep out the new store...buyart.stensoul.com

Amy Rice in the Galleries

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great summer!

I’ve been super busy and I’m writing to share with you some of the results.

The second exhibition of my 2+ year collaborative series, Delightful, with fellow Minneapolis artist Jennifer Davis opened in Atlanta, GA at Young Blood Gallery in the first week of this month and we have received some nice press including this review in Atlanta’s weekly art rag, Creative Loafing: Delightful Too: Mutual admiration.

On August 4th, my solo show, Find Your Wings will open at Art Star Gallery in Philadelphia. I am sending this email kinda early because I am off on a crazy three-week camping/ high-school reunion road trip tomorrow and won’t be back until after the show has opened. However, the reception won’t be until August 25th and I will be there personally enjoying pie and punch and chatting about art. I have put almost the entire show online here: http://amyriceatartstar.blogspot.com/
If you live in the Philly area and are planning to go see the show, DONT PEEK. Otherwise please check it out online. You may contact Art Star Gallery with any sales inquiries. They are very nice and easy to work with.

That’s it for now. Have a great week.



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