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Thanks so much - Russell

12/12/2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

Whoa. Too long to be away. Have many more to post and will get to them ASAP! To the submitters, thanks for your patience on this one-man Stencil blog.

S3R in Maryland, USA sent me a batch to post.

Alone/A1one in Iran sent a few more for his archive.

Costa Rica (CR) represents with the DSF Crew and a few true graff pieces from other folks in CR.

Got a new batch from Berlin, DE to drop in that archive.

INS in the new nation state of Montenegro dropped off a new one.

A few from Toronto, CA, as well as some singles from Florida and Australia.

Finally got all the Chicago, IL pics up, including the ones from my November visit.


PIXNIT Productions url Launched

PIXNIT Productions is an informative website about the artist Pixnit. Also, check out the PIXNIT Campaign where you can receive stickers and stencils for free. Participate by receiving your own hand cut stencil by PIXNIT, painting and recording your images to be included in the Flora Files along with hundreds of others in a massive public painting installation.

Adam5100 Gallery Update

Hi everybody tonight Ive got a couple of art shows i hope you can attend
first off

this show will feature works from the likes of Angie Brown, John Casey, Josh Keyes, Mike Lay, Dan Lewis, Jordan Mello, Crystal Morey, Joe Nagel, Vincent Perea, Loren Purcell, Hector Serna,,and yours truly Adam5100


Brad Will/((i)) Vive Stencil

A call has been put out to artists across the world to print, cut, and paint this stencil honoring NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will and the embattled peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico

Will was recently shot and killed by plain clothes police in Oaxaca, while video documenting the ongoing uprising in that city. Several other protesters died too, and Pres. Fox called in the Federales to end the popular occupation of the city center.

Go to NYC Indymedia for full coverage of the ongoing struggles of the peoples of Oaxaca.

Stencil Class @ CELLspace, San Francisco, CA

CELLspace offers a Stencil class.

Six, two hour lectures by a local artist.

Course focuses on digital techniques, graphic design, guerilla culture and applications. Different types of stencils and techniques. Anything from photorealism to alternative techniques.

It's all of $75 bucks.


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