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Thanks so much - Russell

Adam5100 Hand-Sprayed Posters, Upcoming Shows

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,

The reason for this email, is to let you know about, a limited edition poster I just did. There are thirty posters, that are only available through, http://rowanmorrison.com/ ,,,, for 65 bucks
I wanted to do these posters in order to make getting some, of my art easier on the old pocket. they are all hand cut stencils, and personally sprayed by me, in that process each one, comes out just a little differently,,so a one of a kind of sorts.

Passing 5900: Stencil Archive Sep. 26 Update

Passed the 5900 images mark after uploading a new batch of stencils from Pixnit in Boston.

I can't thank you all enough for making this labor of love an amazing ride since I posted my first stencil pic in 2001. Who would've thought our community would've been this diverse, this creative, and this connected!

Janet Bike Girl dropped off a few photos from her In The Halls show in Toronto (photos by Martin Reis), as well as a jpg of a poster.

Martin also stopped by and gave me a few great photos of his from the streets in Toronto. Love the Post no Bills!

My bud Pod dropped a few photos off from his recent travels in Romania and Berlin. First batch from RO, and Pod promises more when he gets around to it.

Polish artist Funti dropped off some pieces and gets an archive in the European Artists archive.

Bryn K9 in Cali sent a few more to add to his archive.

I also uploaded a batch of my own photos from San Francisco's Valencia Street and my continuing series of NYC shots.

Spank the Monkey Group Show at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, NE8 3BA 27th September - 7 January 2007

With work from artists including: Chiho Aoshima, Banksy, Dzine, Dr. Lakra, FAILE, Freaks Gallery, Shepard Fairey, Groovisions, Invader, Kozyndan, Barry Mcgee, Ryan Mcginness, Takashi Murakami, Miss Van, Neasden Control Centre, Os Gemeos, David Shrigley, Natasha Struchkova, Swoon, Aya Takano, Ed Templeton,Yasumasa Yonehara.

And rumour has it that a number of pieces will go up around the walls of Newcastle - and then be whitewashed or stolen.

Blek Le Rat's First Solo UK Exhibition

12TH Oct - 13th Nov Leonard Street Gallery, 73 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QS

'Everytime I think I've painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier...'

Grandfather of the stencil, all-round street art legend and cheese-eating surrender monkey, Blek Le Rat (Xavier Prou), is also getting his first UK solo show

The exhibition, we are reliably informed, will be a complete overview of Blek’s work from the last three decades and should give the current interest in street art what the boffins are already calling ‘a historical context’.

Logan Hicks on the walls in Brussels, BE

As part of the exhibit each artist (including me!) will produce an extremely limited shirt (only 12 will be for sale!) and an extremely limited print (only 30 for sale)

The exhibition will feature me, my friend and exceptional artist Ephameron, and Lucy Mclauchlan.

Sept 23rd 15:00-20:00
Mr Ego
29 Rue Des Pierres
Steenstraat 1000 BXI

For more info, check No New Enemies (http://www.nonewenemies.com/)

Leon Rainbow Monthly

"Going Global, Breaking Boundaries"is available for travel in 2006-07. It will be exhibited at Da Vinci Art Alliance in October 2006, at

High Street Design in Millville, NJ, in November-December 2006, and at The Gallery at St.
Asaph's in Bala Cynwyd in January-February 2007.
Panel discussions with the artists and curator will be held on Sunday 29 October, 1-4 pm, funded by a grant from the Campbell Soup Foundation's Dollars for Doers Program.
Selma Eron, Allan Espiritu, Karey Maurice, Leon Rainbow, Li Qin Tan

Stencil Art & Wear it


After 9 long months, we are thrilled to present to you our new baby turtlehead. As you can all imagine the last few months have not been pleasant.
We have managed to work our way through 40 canvases, 7 tubes of red acryllic, 6 tins of black spray paint, 4 rolls of masking tape, 600 t-shirts, 900 labels, 1200 tags, 1 numbering device, 1 badge machine, 2000 badges, and many sleepless nights.


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