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Thanks so much - Russell

Labor Day Street Art Film Screening in Los Angeles

Stop by the Mountain Bar at 475 Gin Ling Way in Los Angeles to check out a TOTALLY FREE screening of Los Angeles Street Art, featuring Project Rabbit, Tiki Jay One, Branded, Vader One and Graffism. There will also be performances by Neptune and DJs. This event is totally free and 21+. The doors open at 8pm. Watch the trailer for Los Angeles Street Art here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vW5_wTnJm8

New Uploads for Stencil Archive

Here's some fresh, midsummer flix for you all to enjoy and behold:

So glad that I caught this city stencil truck in Portland, Maine. (by Russell H)

Popayan sent a few new ones from Columbia.

Lokione in Australia just keeps the new pieces coming.

WRUN! in Florida dropped off a new one.

Finally starting to post my flicks from New York City and Brooklyn (archived by Russell H)

Here's a new addition from Sacramento, CA BrynK-9 doin' it up in California's capital city.

Update from Peat Wollaeger

I have a Blog to list News and upcoming projects.
Check out my latest VANS Slip on Tutorial.

and finally...
Sunday August 13...

I will be the featured guest on "Civil Arts Radio" Live talking about stenciling and the difference aspects of the artform.


Peat Wollaeger

Fresh August Uploads from Stencil Archive

Happy August. Here's the latest batch of flicks for your summer enjoyment (5,704 pics and growing):

New Brooklyn flicks of Faile's pieces (by Russell H)

Darcy sent a few new ones from Australia.

Lokione sent a few from Australia as well.

Wrapping up Russell H's flicks from Boston, MA, USA

Last uploads from Providence, RI, USA (archived by Russell H)

Last batch of uploads from New Hampshire, USA (archived by Russell H)


SInce it is a collective work, and I invite everyone to act and to become a protagonist of my artistic work,I
will really appreciate if you will help me to spread my message, to promote the work through its internet site or through yours.
If asked, I will give you more informations or images about the project.
Thank you for all, Paolo Casalis, Architect and Artist

Press Ctrl Alt Del (Canc in Italy) to reboot the system.
This is a political street-sticker action made up of four stickers glued to the walls of the city.


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