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Thanks so much - Russell

September 10 Stencil Pic Updates

A good many uploads today, so only one photo taken by me. Thanks so much for submitting your photos and artwork. Nice additions to the Stencil Archives.

Forgot a BRC pic, and got a few submissions from the Industrial Waste Adoption Center on the playa.

Great updated pics from Saim in Lativa!

Had to create a new category, Stencils in Media thanks to a few screen grabs submitted by Bryn K9. First time adding a category in a few years.

Two USA archives just got updated for the first time in a few years. Punch 70 dropped off a pic from Alabama. Another burner submitted one from Michigan.

Fresh one from New Zealand thanks to Jester.

Fresh one from Belgium thanks to Romain.

More new stuff from WRUN (FL), Lokione (AU), and Bryn K9 (Cali).

Janet "Bikegirl" Attard In the Halls

url: http://www.401richmond.net/events/artinthefall.cfm

Art in the Hall
Sept 15 - Oct 7
selected artists display their work in the halls of 401 Richmond

Queen West Art Crawl
September 15 - 17
artist Open Studio program taking place

Nuit Blanche Toronto
September 30
7:01pm to sunrise
an all night contemporary art thing

Christopher Bettig Sept. 2006 Update

1. MOCA - The Very Living installation
My art installation at the Museum Of Contemporary Art store in Santa
Monica finally comes to a close this Saturday September 9th.

MOCA store Santa Monica
2447 Main St
Santa Monica

The affor mentioned MOCA installation is featured in the September issue
of the Australian design magazine called DESKTOP for those not in the LA

Burning Man 2006 Stencil Flix

Good to see so many stencils on the playa this year. Haven't been to Burning Man since 2002, so had no idea how off the hook the artform is in BRC. The BMorg's DPW threw in about 20 of their own this year, and Ill Ville's own Chris Benfield had a stencil station set up for anybody who wanted one.

Also happy to see a few stencils on the base of the Man himself. I know it isn't cool to tag others art, but all those blank walls were asking for it!

Found about 74 pieces out there in the dessert. (pics by Russell H)

August 21, 2006 Stencil Archive Uploads

New stencils, with a lost submission thrown in, from three continents. Hot off the digital postalway....

Toronto's Janet Bike Girl snail posted some new bikes, inspried by Atomic Zombies (pics by Russell H)

Swiss artist R.A.P. gets a new artist archive in the EU Archive.

Grabbed a few protest stencil flix from San Francisco's IMC site.

Ten new ones from my recent trip to NYC. (photos by Russell H)

A lost submission from North Carolina's Paul Overton (sorry I overlooked it for this long).

BrynK-9 sent a new one.

Lokione submitted a fun one of his painting on an Australian wall.

Alfalfa turned up on a bus bench in Sacromento, CA. (photo by BrynK-9)

No update in the next few weeks. Heading to Burning Man so hope to shoot the stencils of Black Rock City.

Labor Day Street Art Film Screening in Los Angeles

Stop by the Mountain Bar at 475 Gin Ling Way in Los Angeles to check out a TOTALLY FREE screening of Los Angeles Street Art, featuring Project Rabbit, Tiki Jay One, Branded, Vader One and Graffism. There will also be performances by Neptune and DJs. This event is totally free and 21+. The doors open at 8pm. Watch the trailer for Los Angeles Street Art here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vW5_wTnJm8

New Uploads for Stencil Archive

Here's some fresh, midsummer flix for you all to enjoy and behold:

So glad that I caught this city stencil truck in Portland, Maine. (by Russell H)

Popayan sent a few new ones from Columbia.

Lokione in Australia just keeps the new pieces coming.

WRUN! in Florida dropped off a new one.

Finally starting to post my flicks from New York City and Brooklyn (archived by Russell H)

Here's a new addition from Sacramento, CA BrynK-9 doin' it up in California's capital city.

Update from Peat Wollaeger

I have a Blog to list News and upcoming projects.
Check out my latest VANS Slip on Tutorial.

and finally...
Sunday August 13...

I will be the featured guest on "Civil Arts Radio" Live talking about stenciling and the difference aspects of the artform.


Peat Wollaeger

Fresh August Uploads from Stencil Archive

Happy August. Here's the latest batch of flicks for your summer enjoyment (5,704 pics and growing):

New Brooklyn flicks of Faile's pieces (by Russell H)

Darcy sent a few new ones from Australia.

Lokione sent a few from Australia as well.

Wrapping up Russell H's flicks from Boston, MA, USA

Last uploads from Providence, RI, USA (archived by Russell H)

Last batch of uploads from New Hampshire, USA (archived by Russell H)


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