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Thanks so much - Russell


(1) Art Auction for Daniel McGowan

We're writing to you to ask for your help. Visual Resistance is
planning a gallery show and art auction to raise money for the legal
defense of our friend Daniel McGowan.

Daniel is an environmental and social justice activist who was

Christopher Bettig 2006 Update

Some nice press on current projects in a series of international magazines
is out on your local newstands right now...

The current issue of Oyster Magazine (#62) from Australia has a little
interview with myself and several artist friends such as: Buffmonster,
Derek Hodgson, and Rich Jacobs as well as a few other artists from around
the globe. The article / interview was orchestrated and conducted by
Mandana Towhidy international writer superstar. P.60



my partner and i have recently started a new tshirt co. in our hometown of virginia beach usa. we are capable of four color screenprinting on tshirts/hats/sweatshirts/pants at the moment and hope to soon expand; our website should be up within the month. although we both stencil and have our own art we want to take on some artists from different areas around the country/globe. we are willing to send at least 3 free shirts and maybe a sweatshirt or hat(if your art kicks a$$) for submitted designs. if you are interested please contact me at surfmoore7@gmail.com and we can talk.

More Events from Jef Aerosol

- CE SOIR mardi 7 mars, à la télé : Après Speedy Graphito, Miss Tic et
C215, c'est au tour de VLP, Jef Aérosol, Epsylon Point et Isbach d'être
invités dans l'émission Culture Club (animée en direct du CAB par
Alexis Tregarot et Stéphane Blakowski) sur France 4 à 22h30. Au
programme : interview et peinture live. Autres invités ce soir :
Patrick Bosso et Jean Benguigui. L'émission est quotidienne et
rediffusée le lendemain à 12h et 17h30 (best of, le vendredi)

Visionary Stencil Art: StarWheels by AYA

On Christmas day preceding the New Year 1985, my present from Spirit
was a vision: I felt "seeded" to create a line of paintings, in the
specific format of "mandalas", that would be vibrational templates to
facilitate the great transformations that human consciousness is
currently exploring.


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