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Stencil Art: A Revolutionary Meme

This essay was originally written for Josh MacPhee's Stencil Pirates book. Parts of the text were used in the book's final run, but here it is in its entirety. Note: this is in no way a comprehensive history of stencil art. Hopefully it is the beginning of the artform's history.

"We need to learn how to spread the vision of liberation and life everywhere in humble, small, invisible ways. Like grass slowly growing up through the cracks in the concrete, perhaps our counterinformation can eventually sneak up on the mighty machine and topple it."
- PB Floyd, Slingshot, Summer 2003

Interview with Lord Hao

Due to a language barrier (Hao speaks broken English and I don't
speak any French), StencilArchive.org wrote out a list of questions
that a friend of Hao's interpreted into French. His friend then
interpreted Hao's answers into English. I have made the best possible
effort to clean up the English, but some things would be best left to


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