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Thanks so much - Russell

WorkhorseVisuals.com site redesign

There are two different sections on the site.

-First is the main site, which includes the work, information, and shows of Logan Hicks.

-Second is the WorkhorseVisuals Blog which will include info on a multitude of people, places and products. Still working on getting the mountains of content uploaded but a good chunk is there for the time being. To check the blog only, go to: WorkhorseVisuals.com/blog.html

WorkhorseVisuals- It'll make your ass tighter and your teeth whiter!

Make sure you have Flash 8 before checking the site

Christopher Bettig Update

Hello all-

First off, the Mountain Label has moved! The new address and phone: 1935 N. Kenmore Ave #3 Los Angeles, CA 90027 ph: 323.665.7160

Sixteen artists from across the USA and France have come together with varying styles, mediums, and perspectives to share their own personal
memories and invite you to remember your own encounters, adventures, fantasies, and fears that have occurred while playing out doors at one
time or another.

Leon Rainbow Monthly

All should be great show and each venue will have a range of different artists. If any one is interested in being in the Cafe Ole Holiday Show in Trenton, Please contact me. Looking for old favorites as well as up and comings.
Thanks for the support,
See you there,

Cafe Ole Holiday Show
Curated By Javier Robles
Open for submission. 2 pieces at time per artist. Cash and Carry. Group Show everything is marked for sale.Something for every Art Lover on your list.


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