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Thanks so much - Russell


Hi Everyone-
This is only the second post to this list, so I'll go over the basics again: My name's Josh MacPhee and I run justseeds.org, a radical art distro on the web. You're getting this email because our paths have crossed along the way somewhere, and it was lodged in my head that you're an artist of some sort. I've started this list to help spread the word on radical art opportunities, so if you're interested in getting info about:
-radical art calls/events/activities
-street art/graffiti projects
-political art publications and shows

Leon Rainbow E-Newsletter

I just updated my images and i now have a new system down to make it a whole lot easier.
So look out for more frequent updates on my images...
So check them out here

Thanks for the support,
Remember this is the time of year for outdoor murals.
So if your interested in having one created contact me at:

Thanks Leon

Da Vinci Art Alliance’s
2005 Annual Member’s Exhibition

Klutch drops an em to Stencil Archive

20 boards in one week. I have more in the works but was able to finish
20 of them in 7 days. No reason why, I just ran out of things to paint
(besides records) and hit up Calsk8 for some castaways. Now I am trying to see how many I can do before July 1st. If you are in Portland on First Thursday in July stop by Zeitgeist to see how many I end up with. I am also in the Fifty-Fifty show that just finished up in LA and opens in NY July 14, here is a link - http://www.beckycity.com/ .

Keep shining,


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