oi, Stencil Archive v.Tours...

Over on Google+ and the FaceCrack, er Facebook, I will randomly post search strings via the Stencil Archive. I call them v.Tours (yeah, virtualTours) of the site. It gives people a way to see the breadth of the photos on here (almost 18,000 pics). Themes vary and usually have something to do with whatever comes up in my mind. Valentines in USA? Why not a v.Tour of heart stencils. I just read an article about birds. Why not a v.Tour of bird stencils? Uprising in Greece? Why not a v.Tour of anarchist "A" symbols? etc.

Some of you may not even know that you can search the Stencil Archive. There's a search function for each side of the site. You are currently reading this post on the Drupal side of the site. The Drupal "search" field will only get results from the posts on the index, and other Drupal pages.

Click the Archives link in the mast head and you will go to the Gallery side of the site (where the photos live). Once you get to the Archives, you will see a box that says "search the gallery" with a GO button. Search for random words in the filenames of all the photos (I am still trying to figure out how to search tag words) to see what's in the Archives. Links can easily be copied and shared for the searches, which is the basis of the v.Tours.

So.... in (dis)honor of E. II, here is a v.Tour of mostly illegal work from the streets of merry London (once the capital of a world-wide empire). Sure, there's Banksy in the mix. But there are also other treats on the walls of London.... enjoy this current v.Tour and have fun creating your own "walks"!