New SF Archive: Kate DeCiccio

I new stencil mural just went up along the Wiggle (a popular bike route) in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood. The specific corner is Haight and Pierce. I bike by the mural often, so saw it in progress. Todd Hanson happened to meet the folks prior to my meeting them. After taking some in-progress photos, I caught Kate at the wall with another person. They were adding some of the last stencils to the bottom party running along Haight St. She said that the main portrait is of Kenya's Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai. All the other folks in the mural are locals from the Lower Haight neighborhood. And Kate says that she had help on the wall, especially the free spray parts.

I moved my first three photos over to a new Archive for Kate. I went ahead and added the nine new photos of the finished mural to the archive.

Romanowski and myself appear to be the only folks that stencil murals. Glad to see a new one in the mix!