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Over 120 New Pics on Stencil Archive

Just uploaded over 120 photos that were taken and submitted over the past month.

This upload was fueled by the Holy Modal Rounders, Kaki King, and TCHO chocolate.... slurp!

enjoy ::::

Astro Boy has stencils!

BALOO (AT) [finally scanned his grateful gift of hard photos fm the Jan. visit to Wien]


J. (FR)

NABSKY [this one fm Sri Lanka]

xoooox [tnx BALOO]

AT [tnx BALOO]


IT [tnx BALOO]


CACITA (MX) [NEW archive :: tnx CC and Adrina]

Chase (LA, CA) [tnx Moe and the Biodiesel Oasis]

Lincoln Crunch (NE) [NEW archive]

J Boruchow [one cut out a week!]

Jonathan W. Fischer

NC [tnx Kathleen]

TN [tnx Adelle, Todd, and Larry]



sasquatch [NEW archive]

the Mission

Valencia St.

Clarion Alley [tnx as always Larry]

Haight and Divis



Robot Revolutionary Front : Stencils in New Astro Boy movie

Just caught the new Astro Boy movie, and was surprised to see stencils weigh prominently in many of the scenes when Astro is on the planet. The bumbling Robot Revolutionary Front managed to cut out a stencil and paint their robot bodies. Sparx, the "brains" of the RRF, seems to have some cans of Krylon on his tool belt. Astro and a group of kids then "tagged" the giant robot ZOG with stencils of arrows and triagle fangs. As the RRF prepares to sneak into the Robot Battle arena, they slapstick in an alleyway that has RRF stencils on the wall behind them. Yet another RRF stencil appears to be tagged on a billboard at the entrance to the arena.

Here are a few grabs from the Astro Boy site, which are in the Stencils in Media Archive.

20 Sep Stencil Pic Uploads

Here ya go.

About 85 photos from around the world.

CAB gets a new archive and has a show up at Cafre Revoluion on 22nd St.

Adam5100 was part of the Neighborhood SF show at 111 Minna

Germany :: Thanks Laura!

c215 ::: Thanks Pod!

j boruchow

no. cal (Larry Jones helped out)

Larry sent one from Florida

fink (LA) gets a new archive

Larry sent one from Spain

one from Joker in Brazil

SC (thanks Chip!)

DRI (BZ) sent one

valencia st. in SF

mission in SF

castro in SF

finan dist in SF

other sf

21 Aug: 90+ New Stencil Pics Uploaded

A lot of small updates today. But a batch of new artists and locations as well!

This update fueled by authentic Wisconcin cheese curds (they squeak)

New archives from two South American countries

Random updates from around the world:

  • North Cali
  • 7U in Australia
  • Tino's pics from St. Johns, NL, CA (+1 fm Vancouver)
  • FAKE from NL, EU
  • J.'s Anarchist auto from FR, EU
  • a grab from Lebanon
  • a solo pic from Pi in NYC
  • a new album from Philly's amazing cut-out artist J. Burochow

And from San Francisco:

Happy clickin', ya'll.....

90 New Flicks Uploaded

New batch of photos from USA and Europe....

Commercial-free, capital-free, no profit art and activism from Stencil Archive to you.... adventure!


Stencil Photo Upload 3-pack

A small-pack of roman candles for you all today. Left over from the Fourth, so 2 FOR 1!

Mrs. Burke's class at Da Vinci HS gets an archive

Found a few in Athens, GA

One from University of Wisconcin, Madison, from 1987

X-Sacto sent a few he found In Media

Some artists: Man at Computer (Toronto), RANK (Toronto), and TRWM (Cleveland)

And, from SF:

Light the fuses, take a few steps back, and BOOM!


More Pics Uploaded

Here's another batch of uploads from the past month. Many of them are submissions. Thanks again for sending your work over to post up on Stencil Archive.

Now with OVER 13,000 photographs! Onwards to 14k....



One more upload coming soon!

Stencil Naiton Photo Upload

First off, thanks so much for your patience. The site was down for a bit, but is back up and happy. Just uploading the quick piles today. That would be over 350 photographs from the Middle America tour last month. Just the general pics from the cities where I could find stencils.

Look for the next upload soon! This will be the individual artists, som San Francisco pics, and all the great submissions that have come in this past month.

Thanks again for visiting the site. The tour was fun. Priceless. Gratitude to everyone who played some part of the tour. 

Chicago, IL

Detroit, MI

Toronto, ONT

Buffalo, NY

Ohio (Cleveland, mostly Columbus)

Bloomington (aka B-Town), IN

St. Louis, MO

Hella Tight Stencil Archive Uploads

Thanks for all your patience on getting the uploads onto the Stencil Archives. Included are my snaps from the Cali Tour, along with submissions from Asia to Europe. Larry Jones, a documentor, has begun to submit some of his snaps from across the world as well....

From The Cali Tour

Artists from all over

Everything else

Notes fm SF Anti-Graffiti Super Huddle

Anti-Graffiti Super Huddle
April 23, 2009
Chinatown, SF, CA

From Mohammed Nuru, Chair, SF Graffiti Advisory Board
(also called "Graffiti Czar" by David Chiu, Ed Reiskin, and Bevan Dufty)

  • "groups of taggers taking over SF"
  • "what is appropriate punishment for property defacement, vandalism?"
  • we "will do anything to protect assets of SF"
  • "graffiti hurts all of us"
  • "$22 million a year for graffiti eradication (dollars spent constantly growing)"
  • "join hands to defeat vandalism"

From David Chiu, President, SF Board of Supervisors

  • "graffiti is an incredible issue"
  • "Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"
  • uses disproved "broken windows" theory
  • "takes a village to deal with the problem" of graffiti
  • working on a new law to buff vacant buildings that the Board will most likely pass
  • 10,000 calls to 311 (SF info center) about graffiti


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