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Stencil Archive Spring Picnic Upload

Greets one and all. In Davis, CA today, along with thousands of revelers. No, they aren't here for the Stencil Nation presentation (steep competition last night but Sacramento will be better tomorrow). They're here for the 96th Annual Picnic.... which looks like a college party all over the place!

Tasty jpg treats for you all today, from across the globe (mostly California):

Stencilada pics (showing the process of making my two panels)

Stencil Nation (thanks Janet Bike Girl for a Pages window display)


SF Artists

Other Artist Updates/New

Other Locations

OK.... must pack up here at Mishka's and head out to find foooooood. Hopefully in a place where there aren't throngs of beer swilling co-eds..... Then again, maybe some beer swigging is in order......

Stencil Nation Cali +1 Tour Starts Friday!

hey hey now peoples....

greets and salutations fm the Stencil Nation Bunker, in a secret locale somewhere near a decent burrito on Mission St.

If you don't live in California, you most likely have amiga(o)s somewhere about. Please pass along this communique to anybody you think would appreciate a nifty slide presentation on stencils, a skillshare, etc....... esp. down in So. Cali (LA people represent!)

The tour begins FRIDAY! Will be in Arcata, CA at Northtown Books. Will also be interviewed on KHSU between 1 and 1:30 on Friday too!

Economic Down-the-Toilet Special..... most events are FREE! books reasonably priced (don't have to buy to attend, but it does help cover tour costs :)...... free stuff at all stops (always), great art cheaply priced too..... SO stop by and visit.....

The tour continues on Tax Day (who can afford taxes these days??) at CounterPULSE. Then over to Davis/Sacto for binary shows.

etc etc.......

Spring 2009 Book Tour and Slide Presentation
(more/updated details at

More Stencilada Pics Uploaded

Tiago DeJerk's Roller Derby paste up.

Just posted a batch of pics from Stencilada's install and Saturday grill out. I was busy running around and taking care of things so didn't pull out the camera much. Hope to post more pics from a few other people soon.

Thanks again for a great unveiling!

Stencil Archive April Fool's Upload

No joke here. Finally uploading over a month's worth of submissions and personal photos. Have another batch on the way, mostly from the Stencilada unveiling here in San Francisco.

From Europe:

From elsewhere:

From USA:

From San Francisco:

Hope to see some of you on the road this Spring and Summer. Onward to days of uncertainty and sketchiness. Onward to days of more stencil art!

Stencil Nation Cali +1 Spring Tour Final Dates

Stencil Nation California +1 Spring Tour 2009

10 (Fri) at 7:30pm:: Northtown Books, Arcata, CA
15 (Wed) at 7:30pm:: CounterPULSE, SoMa, San Francisco, CA
17 (Fri) at 7:30pm:: Avid Reader, Davis, CA
19 (Sun) at 2pm:: Avid Reader, Sacramento, CA
21 (Tue) at 7:30pm:: Booksmith, Upper Haight, San Francisco, CA
26 (Sun) at 2pm:: Rock Paper Scissors, Oakland, CA (presentation and workshop)
29 (Wed) at 7pm:: SWIV Tackle Circus, Oceanside, CA
30 (Thur) at 6pm:: Groundwork Books, UC San Diego, CA

Final EU Tour Uploads

Here is the final batch of photos I took last month during the EU visit. Many new artist archives with this one, along with some submissions from "Submit" here on the site.

Thanks again for posting and connecting to the Archive.....

Here are some uploads

Here are the artist uploads for the Europe section

MMM....... winter treats to warm yerself around the ole' laptop


12k upload marker passed! Artists special today

Just uploaded a large chunk of my photos from the past few weeks here in East Europe. And, along with a pile of submissions from artists and photographers, Stencil Archive has passed the 12,000 photo marker! Now that uploading photos online is super easy, I appreciate everyone's participation in this site even more. I am posting to other sites, but only give out 2 or 4. You do know that Flickr/Yahoo owns your photos don't you? Once you upload? Check the agreement you OK'd!

Many, many artists uploaded today. Not everything from Hamburg, Berlin, and Vienna is up yet. Will get to the rest this week or maybe next week back in the USA.

Thanks again for a great mini-tour of the EU. Appreciate the crowds, the interest, the conversations, and the love of spray paint art......

Icy in Iran sent over photos for a new archive

updated archives from

new pics also found in

and now for the European artist uploads

stencils = good x's

Stencil Nation vs. XLt: 22.1 Wien Infoz (in Austrian)

Kirchengasse 36, 1070 Wien – am Donnerstag 22. Jänner, ab 19h!!!

Buchpräsentation und Dia Vortrag von Russell Howze

Im Rahmen der »Stencil Nation« Europa Tour mit dj/vj Podinski (XL terrestrials)
global graffiti vj remix (Motive aus dem 10,000 Bilder grossen

»Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community and Art« von Russell Howze, erschienen bei Manic D Press zeigt auf über 500 Farbfotografien ausgewählte Werke von mehr als 350 Künstlern wie Banksy, Jef Aerosol, Logan Hicks, Adam5100, Arofish, M-City, SWOON, Hao, John Fekner, Peat Wollaeger, Klutch u.a. aus 28 Ländern z.B. Deutschland, Polen, Australien, Japan, Kanada, Spanien, Libanon, Israel und die USA.

Stencil Nation: Praha Infoz

Stencil Nation: Prezentace knihy a fotografií

/mkin 08/01/2009
(Original Blog post here)

16/01/2009 19:30 galerie Školská 28 (Praha)

/ fotograf Russell Howze uvede foto-prezentaci při příležitosti vydání jeho knihy "Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art."

V hodinové prezentaci představí vývoj této umělecké formy, včetně příkladů z knih i dalších zdrojů. Obsáhlá publikace "Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art" obsahuje 500 plněbarevných fotografií a předvádí práce více než 350 umělců z 28 zemí, včetně Iránu, Austrálie, Japonska, Kanady, Španělska, Libanonu, Izraele, a Spojených států. Mezi prezentovanými tvůrci jsou Banksy, Jef Aerosol, Logan Hicks, Adam5100, Arofish, M-City, SWOON, Hao, John Fekner, Peat Wollaeger, Klutch, a další.

Po prezentaci a diskusi zahraje dj/vj Podinski a vj
HomeCut s vizuálním setem 10,000 obrázků ze a výběrem filmů sesbíraných pro vystoupení Xlt na kongresu Chaos Computer v Berlíně.

Podinski je psychomediální analytik, aktivista a dj/vj ze seskupení, nomádské platformy, vytvářející radikální hybridní organizmy pro okamžité a nezprostředkované taktické intervence. XLt má za sebou vystoupení na festivalech, konferencích a v prostorech jako jsou Next 5 Minutes, Ars Electronica, Transmediale,
24+25C3, Roxy/NoD, Pergamon Museum, Kulturbrauerei, Club der Polnische Versager, Haus Schwarzenberg, Labfactory, D Media, Tuzrakter, 13m3, Mama/Mi2, Ecotopia, Cellspace a Station40.

Uploads R Berlin Heavy.....

Posting a huge pile of pics from Berlin today.

Also posting artists pics from Berlin:

Also finishing up the pics I took from Italy

And some fine  submissions from

Onward to 12,000 uploads... and Hamburg!


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