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Hey Juxtapoz, PaperMonster, et al, want a stencil issue!

PaperMonster, an artist featured in my book "Stencil Nation," loves stencils. I didn't know him or his work until he saw my call for art submissions all over the place. I think he answered all of my interview questions, sent a pile of great photos, and was even one of the few teachers who sent stencil workshop photos and text. His work, along with a few other artists who submitted great photos, was featured throughout the book, though he was not a featured artist. Why? Because he is a typical stencil artist: obsessed with cut paper and spray paint. In love with the tools as well as the final output. For that, we are brothers in negative space. Also, PaperMoster is a super nice guy, which stencil artists tend to be. That's one reason why I put "community" in my subtitle. We try hard to be nice to each other.

While traveling the past few days, I saw that PaperMonster started a campaign to get Juxtapoz to have a special stencil issue. I have to admit, I have never really gotten the Juxtapoz scene. They're here in SF, and they always seem to marginalize stencil work. White Walls on Polk St., and other galleries, usually curate the stencil shows. I'm a gallery dork, usually missing shows, or quietly taking photos of everything. And when I curate shows, they're usually on the fringes of the gallery scene, in DIY spaces, with radical politics, and making no money. But when it comes to business, and making money, UpperPlayground (the company who produces Juxtapoz) has things dialed. So I wasn't surprised when Juxtapoz had a huge Banksy "Exit" movie preview down in the Mission, and I had no idea about it. I am not even on their email list, or VIP email list, which isn't anything to get beefed about. But they love Banksy, and promoted the hell out of his movie here in SF. A week after, I saw it with a full house opening night, which was fun. I had to work during the preview anyway!

I maybe buy one issue of Juxtapoz a year, over at Al's Comics. And as far as magazines go, Hi-Fructose is much better (and publisher/artist Attaboy has all my respect), but I don't buy that one either. 

So PaperMonster wants a stencil issue. And Juxtapoz seems to think that Banksy is the only stencil artist out there. Overspray tried to be a stencil mag and couldn't fill their pages with enough content (or keep the production on schedule and funded). Juxtapoz doesn't even seem to feature stencil artists who get solo gallery shows. What to do?

Well, PaperMonster has a plan. And here it is. Juxtapoz has already said "not interested" which might be all the fuel you all need to tell them to get interested. I'd at least like to see street art magazines mentioning artists who cut and paint. That'd be nice......

Welcome to my latest goal!!
I would LOVE to see Juxtapoz Magazine create a special Stencil Art Issue or Book!!
As PaperMonster I want nothing more than to continue to promote the use of stencils whether you are a stencil artists or just someone who wants to use stencils as tool in your paintings or home. I feel that there is no better time than today to document how artists all over the world are using stencils to share their messages or just create something beautiful. That is what has brought me to create this new goal to encourage Juxtapoz Magazine to create a Special Stencil Art Issue. In
the past Juxtapoz has created special issues highlighting New York Graffiti, Street Art, and several other themes but never a Stencil Art Issue.
With your help hopefully we can make this a reality!!!
Send the following email to these Juxtapoz contacts:,,,,
(copy/paste entire email list)

Subject: Juxtapoz Stencil Issue Initiative
(copy/paste into subject bar)

(copy/paste below into body of email) and SEND!!!

Hello Juxtapoz Magazine
I am writing because I support PaperMonster’s initiative to work towards a special Juxtapoz Magazine Stencil Art/Graffiti issue or book concept similar to previous special issues/books that you have released on graffiti, street art issues, dark arts, and tattoo books. There is no better time than now to highlight the power and beauty that the stencil art movement has today. A Stencil Art/Graffiti Issue or Book Concept is a wonderful step forward for Juxtapoz Magazine as one of the
leaders of art world. I am interested in this idea and hope that it is something we can see in the near future. Thank you for your time.

(copy/paste below into body of email) and SEND!!!

Send this link to your friends, family, or anyone you know who would love to see this truly happen. I want to thank you for your help with all my heart! If you would like to know more about my ideas for the issue or just send words of encouragement for the initiative send an email to

Urban Soule Summer Update

Dear Friends,
Summer is finally here and there is much to do in outdoor activities... this email focuses on the Open Air Festivals I will be participating in! Please do stop by,say hello and enjoy the outdoors with some crisp lemonade and new art work!


June Happenings!

room 218 hostel [ ]

The room I painted at the Hostel


More Banksy Work in San Francisco

Taking a break from biking around the city to snap flicks of Banksy's fresh work. Got rooftop access to photograph the piece on Valencia St. Was tipped off about the fresh one on Sycamore @ Mission (on the Cafe Prague wall). Uploading these before heading to SoMa to check out the large rat.



[u] Banksy up in San Francisco

Howard @ 9th St., SoMa, SF (photo: Dennis Yang)

Commercial @ Grant, Chinatown, SF (comes with a poorly written Chinese sign that translates to "Please don't erase this graffiti. Police are investigating
this case. You can erase by the end of next weekend of April.") Photo:

Valencia between 19th and 20th Streets. Above Amnesia bar.

R.I.P. Pixnit (Boston)

[This was emailed to me via Pixnit's email address, making me think that the "concept" of Pixnit is now dead. Hope it isn't the artist!]

PIXNIT, 35; Notorious Boston Artist

PIXNIT, the controversial Boston based artist as famous for her anonymity as for her street art, is missing and presumed dead.  Her breakthrough came in 2007 when the Boston Globe ran a profile about her provocative artwork.  Her painting style, combining graffiti with a distinctive stenciling technique, was guerilla art designed to simultaneously beautify and to critique the uses and misuses of the urban environment.

PIXNIT was last seen April 2nd when filmed by a CCTV camera near Pont Alexandre in Paris, France.  It is believed that she was on her way to meet other Parkour enthusiasts for a practice session.

“Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the urban environment.  Practitioners like PIXNIT run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles through jumping, climbing and gymnastics,” said Vanessa Platacis, Project Manager for PIXNIT Productions. 

Joe Boruchow Releases "Stuffed Animals" Cutout Graphic Novel

Stuffed Animals: A Story in Paper Cutouts, my first graphic novel, will be released the evening of March 19th in conjunction with a debut performance by my band, The Nite Lights.  The show includes a slide show of the graphic novel with an instrumental musical score played live by the band.  Four years in the making, the book was awarded a Xeric Foundation grant for graphic fiction allowing for the publications of a hard bound edition that will be available at the show.  
Stuffed Animals is a narrative composed of 100 black paper cutouts.  It tells the tale of a young boy and his shocking discoveries over one adventurous and terrifying night.  An apparition from the past guides the hero through a dangerous secret world in this masculinecoming of age story.  Is manhood more than just a mustache?  Get the book and see!
In addition to celebrating the release of the book at Johnny Brenda's (1201 Frankford Ave, Philly) on March 19, The Nite Lights will debut our most ambitious project to date.  We have been composing the music since November for the 20 min long slide show of Stuffed Animals that will be shown silent movie style with the live band.  (We're hoping to have a DVD of the slide show and music available at the show, but this is now tenuous because the recent snowfall put us a little behind schedule.  I am, however, hopeful that we will have them).  The Nite Lights will play it twice: once at 9 pm (for early birds) and again later at 12am (for you night owls)  with the sweet sounds of Mondo Topless, Northern Liberties and DJ Brown Jeff sandwiched in between for an extra delicious evening of artsy entertainment.  Of course, the book will be available for sale at the event.
Tickets for the event are on sale at To buy the book now visit or it will be available at most Philadelphia independent bookstores soon.  More at


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