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Logan Hicks: Blogging Primary Flight (Art Basel)

Logan dropped me a pile of photos, which I haven't had time to go through, organize, post etc. due to being on the book tour. But Nikki in SF just tipped me off to Logan's FecalFace post about all the killer FREE, DIY art walls that he and a bunch of artists put up. In the mix: Boxi, Chris Stain, Billy Mode, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, and Logan himself.....

Logal also sent over a link to a Flickr pool with hundreds of pics of Primary Flight

Ron English stencils a background before pasting up one of his freaky characters. Primary Flight, Miami, FL

Stencil Revolution: Back From the Ashes

(hmmm..... they still appear to be down, but this email just arrived. hope they make it back! - Stencil Archive)

After months being down, and hard work Stencil Revolution is back on our feet. We have set up a multiple server architecture to ensure stability of our systems. This means, local, and remote back ups are done daily, and full site back ups are performed weekly. We won't be going down again, and we won't be taking anymore down time.

We'd simply like to let everyone know we're back up, and we're looking for our members to come back and contribute once again to our site. We have THE LARGEST stencil gallery on the internet, and it continues to grow by the day.

The forums team is looking for candidates to act as moderators, and global administrators. If you're interested please pm Menekali. We're also looking to set up contests, give a ways, and auctions both for SR, and for private members as well. An auctioneer system is in the works at the moment.

The tutorials section is days from being finished, and the infamous, .EPS exchange is in it's final stages of development as well. We're also looking for artists to interview, and are in discussions with JSLV Skateboards for a potential user gallery viewing in Los Angeles California. When the time comes, users will be encouraged to enter their pieces, and eventually have them sent to us, where they can be auctioned off at the gallery, and the proceeds given back to the artist.

Get the word out. You can beat us up, but you can't keep us down.

SOULE on many walls....

*Art Whino*

173 Waterfront St

National Harbor,MD

(more info coming soon)


*Laced Up Gallery and Elbasha Cafe*

(more details coming soon)

705A E Pike St

Seattle, Wa






*Artsic Festival*

The Haven Wolverhamptom

1st Floor Harian House

Fold Street

Cut and Paint #2 Out Now


Nicolas Lampert, Josh MacPhee, and Colin Matthes
Cut and Paint stencil template zine #2
Buy it Here

Cut and Paint stencil template zine #2 is now available! The overwhelming demand for Cut and Paint #1 has encouraged us to more than double the print run. This time around we traded in the headaches of attempting to scam double-sided 11x17 photocopies for the impeccable offset printing provided by Eberhardt Press - an anarchist printer in Portland, Oregon.

Final Syndicate Walk for Bay Area Now 5: 4 Oct

Sat, Jul 26 & Oct 4, noon–2:30 pm, Syndicate
A walking tour of sidewalk art installations which nod to the history of labor unions at performing arts venues in San Francisco. This tour will be led by Jessica Tully, Kim Munson and historians from the Labor Archives and Research Center.
Download the tour map
To reserve your place, call 415.978.2787.

New Overspray Issue Out

Bellas and fellas, its that time again - new issue of Overspray season. We are proud to present you with Overspray08 - StreetHeart, the Love issue! Exploring the themes of love and hate throughout international street art, this stellar issue features the likes of Jesus Saves, I Love You, Berlin's own 'Linda's Ex', graffiti's number one adversary, Peter Vallone Jr, the Splasher, the faces behind wooster collective and Factory Fresh, the skinny on the beef between Shepard Fairey and Erik Brunetti, and so, so much more.

MiniGraff Update

Just a quick note to let you know i've just finished some fresh
artwork at the CLOCK HOTEL in Surry Hills, SYDNEY. The artwork is on the ground level & features an abstract forest with little bits & pieces. It looks great & has transformed the space from an office to a lounge room!

If you're in & around MELBOURNE or SYDNEY over the next month, look out for the Running Couple. They're busy running from Koala Kong & trying not to be Chicken Feed!!


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