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Late-July 2023 Photo Uploads

An iconic mid-2010s stencil. Photo of original cut out on left, and I made a quick new cut out, on right, for the Yolanda López retrospective exhibit at San Jose Museum of Art.

Thanks to: Esmeralda; Kellan and Maddie; Brooklyn Street Art; @Louniki_; @radicalgraffiti; @regoef; @mensch_huis; trifluoracetic-acid; FICKxDINGERZ

Spinning: PetroDragonic Apocalypse and a DJ Pod 2000 birthday mix-tape

Austria (just one)

Canada (just one)


Illinois, USA

Peru (just one)

Philly, USA (just one)

SF Mission District

SF Upper Haight



Viking Graffiti in Scotland

Maeshowe's Runes - Viking Graffiti

Viking Graffiti
Thanks for the pic and historical graffiti tip, @WeirdMedieval

When Maeshowe was first excavated, in 1861, the chamber's original entrance passage was inaccessible.

So, to allow access, the excavators drove a shaft down through the top of the mound. Once inside, however, they found proof that that they were not the first to have broken into the tomb. The walls of the Stone Age chamber were covered in with runic graffiti.

The 30 inscriptions found in Maeshowe, make it one of the largest, and most famous, collections of runes known in Europe.

According to Orkneyinga saga, over 800 years previously, in the darkness of an Orkney winter, a group of viking warriors had sought shelter from a terrible snowstorm.

Leading the men was Earl Harald, who, at Christmas, 1153, was making his way from Stromness to the parish of Firth.

New Pics - SNIK - then mostly just one or two

In the same boat with marceau.poet in the UK (ph: Esme)

Thanks to: Esmeralda; Brooklyn Street Art; @Louniki_; @radicalgraffiti; @regoef; @mensch_huis; trifluoracetic-acid; FICKxDINGERZ

Spinning: the laundry

TV and Movies

A few more from the UK


The Rebel Bear (just one)

Osch (just one)

Just one in Vienna

Bambi (just one)

One from Hungary

One from Norway

One from Sweden

Slovenia (just one)

New Pics - An Early July Mish Mash

Don't believe what they say! (London)

Thanks to: Esmeralda; Kellan and Maddie; Brooklyn Street Art; @Louniki_; @radicalgraffiti; @regoef; @mensch_huis; trifluoracetic-acid; FICKxDINGERZ

Spinning: Spartanburg Phish; Frost Dead; birds and traffic; Winterland Dead; Acoustic Junction filler



Cartooneros (in London)



In the UK

Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA

New York City


Misstencil (just one)


Sol back in SF!