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Stencil Project Paris 2004 - Parts 1 and 2 (Video)

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Wheatpaste Recipes from 1880s and 2004

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1880s wheatpaste recipe

Undenk has a great post with two classic wheatpaste recipes. At least we think there are two, b/c the one from 1880s (photo reposted) is difficult to read.

From Undenk:

Here’s our tried and tested wheatpaste recipe:

Makes two litres of Wheatpaste

8 cups of water, or around 2 litres

1.3 cups of Flour

90 grams of Sugar

Firstly, dump your flour in a bowl, and slowly pour in cold water whilst mixing. The aim is for a cold slurry that is easy to pour.

Boil the 8 cups in a big old saucepan and then slowly pour in the slurry.

Allow to cool.

Decant into Bike drink bottles or similar to squirt onto your poster / brush and prevent spillage.

Tip it out after a week.…

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Traditional Endo Komon in Fashion in Japan (Video)

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CUT&SPRAY Masked 4-Layer Time Lapse (Video)

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Wicked Paint Makes a Multi-Layer Stencil (Video)

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Banksy, Bob Ross, and Oscar Wilde Walk into a Prison (Video)

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Banksy Hits COVID-19 with a Pun (Video)

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RNST Gets Up in Dijon (Video)

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RNST @ Dijon from Bretzel Film on Vimeo.

SF Viral Video About Black Lives Matter Stencil Unpacked

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She 'Rode That Bias Off a Cliff': Man Who Filmed SF Viral Video on Handling 'Karens'
Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez for KQED (Link to article)

Jaime Juanillo was not looking to 'out' a white woman for making racist remarks last Thursday. In other words, he wasn’t looking to catch a 'Karen.'

(That’s a term often used to describe white women, specifically, who call police to punish Black people and people of color generally while they're enjoying everyday activities — like barbecuing, running a lemonade stand or bird-watching.)

But when a woman named Lisa Alexander and her…

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Seitu Ken Jones Gives a How To on Making a George Floyd Stencil

Submitted by russell on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 14:54 has seen other shared stencils images of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, on the stencil subreddit. We were glad to come across Twin Cities artist Seitu Jones' #Blues4George project, since Jones includes templates and instructions for a simple or multi-color stencil portrait. Go to Jones' site for more details, and to download a pdf how-to via Google Drive.


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